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Ideal Ear for Cropping?

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  • Ideal Ear for Cropping?

    I have. 1.5 yr old blue dane with a beautiful crop. He is an American Dane. As of last week we have a new addition of a female 50% Euro and 50% American dane.

    During her physical one of the doctors mentioned her ears were not "ideal" for cropping. She recommended a consult with the doctor who does ear crops so we made an appointment.

    I do not remember my boys ears prior to cropping and I honestly don't care if she has natural ears. She's beautiful! However, would someone explain to me what the ideal (for cropping) natural ear looks and feels like?

    I will say her ears seem thin and she doesn't perk them up when focusing her attention. She is using the muscle and scrunching the skin on top of her head but the ears don't pop up much. Am I making any sense? I'd id read European ears are thinner.

    Thanks for the education in advance.

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    The most that was explained to me by my breeder and vet, that it's ideal that the base muscles be strong like you should see the muscles working to perk the ears up. I'm not sure if her having thin ears has much to do with it but, I would wait to see what the vet that does the ear cropping says and also ask what they believe is an ideal ear for cropping. Either way though I'm sure she will be adorable


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      I can just speak from what the doctor who cropped my pups ears said. When we took him in, he said right off, "oh good his ears are already standing..." He was referring to the base of his ears. I don't know if he would have went through with the ear crop if anything was different though.
      Zeke @ 9 Months