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Is it ok to leave ears down a day or two?

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  • Is it ok to leave ears down a day or two?

    Is it ok to leave my puppies ears down for a day or two? She has a couple sores on the back of her ears and a couple small ones inside from taping. If it is ok should I put some neosporine on the spots? Anything I can put on her ears prior to taping for smelliness, goopyness? I will post a picture of her first taping off, and after a bath since her she was stinky, and her ears were stinky and goopy. After her bath her ears are nice and clean and dry, so should I put someone on her ears then re tape them? Or leave them down for a day or two? This is how her ears are standing as of right now, and have been out of tapes for about 4 hours now.

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    Don't tape over sores so yes it's o.k. to leave them down a day or two. Put Gold Bond Powder on her ears before you tape them to keep them from stinking. Can put it on her ears while out of tapes or Neosporin is o.k. also.


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      my vet actually recommends a days rest between tapping, ad he is one of the best vet in Caracas cropping show dogs




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        Titan has not had his done yet (Next week) but during the consultation they told me that they need to "rest" for a day or so and then be taped back up.
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          When I had pups I would take the ears down then tape them back up at night. Or the other way around. Down at night and up the next morning.


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            I left Zephyrs ears down until the minute they started to go soft. His ears were standing from the moment the block fell off, though. His never fell at the bases and only drooped in the middle so even within a few weeks of being cropped I could leave his ears down for days at a time and he was finished by 5- 5 1/2 months. He also has a wider crop. Riddle has a much nicer, narrow crop and his were only ever left down for a few hours between tapings. He was 9 months when I stopped taping, but I honestly should have gone a little longer.
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              I was always too nervous in the beginning leaving them down more than a few hours. What's the point, really? After a lil time the pups get used to the posts so I'm not sure I'd call it giving them a break, Timber didn't care one way or the other. After letting them dry from cleaning there's no benefit (only risk imo) to leaving them down unless you just want to admire them.
              Like Zephyr's ears, Timber's stood since the stints came off & I never gave them the chance to start falling (paranoid lol!). He also has a little wider based crop where his crop is on the shorter side, so at 4 1/2 months old his ears have been down over a week with no problems...but are we done? Who knows yet, he's right in the middle of teething so I've been loosing a lot of sleep checking for droopiness at night lol. You really can't compare pups, their ears standing is based on soo many different things.

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