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One floppy ear?

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    Originally posted by oceanbluedanes View Post
    Yes the bell is the lower part of the ear. Too much bell can be more difficult to stand (as can too little). You want a happy medium that fits the dog and the dog's ear leather.

    Not sure of the math exactly, but it sounds like he was over 12 weeks when he was cropped. That is late but not impossible to get a successful crop from. More likely, the extended lengths of time that the ears were left down was the bigger issue.

    I would get him taped up and keep him taped.

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    i agree with this completely.

    it sounds like you are leaving them untaped too long, dont leave them untaped for more than a couple hours and dont give them a chance to flop. every time they flop the longer it will take to get them standing.
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      Okay thanks to everyone's advice. I'll keep you all updated

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