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Gay tails - tape?

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  • Gay tails - tape?

    This might be a weird question but we just got a pit bull puppy with a gay tail. Can you lightly tape (not enough to weigh down the tail) the tail and train it to be straight? Sort of like with cropping a danes ears and training the ears to stand. I'll love him no matter what but I can't stand the curly tail! I used some left over tape from my danes ear tape and it put a thin layer just to see what it would do and it keeps his tail straight and perfect. If I were to tape it for months like I would a danes ear, could it stand normally?

    Here's a pic, sorry thats the only way I could get him to stand still enough to get a pic lol he's a ball of energy.

    Best friends..

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    I'd leave it alone.
    Redirecting vertebrae is going to require a lot more force than tape..
    I had a bitch I had to treat for happy tail about 2 weeks out of the month with bubble wrap and tape....I was treating injuries not just cosmetics.
    It was always in the back of my mind that the pup might eat the tape and bubble wrap. Worries about a gay tail could quickly turn into worrying a small bowl obstruction etc.
    Very cute puppy
    Dante and Louis


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      Thanks for the reply