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Solid bridge or tape bridge?

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  • Solid bridge or tape bridge?

    Hi there!

    Wondering if there is any difference between using a tape bridge, or a solid bridge, like a pipe insulation foam or flexible curlers?

    I'm asking cause I'm trying to avoid "clapping ears", I tape my boy in a V shape, not l_l but when I remove the tape and leave my boy rest for 20 or 30 minutes, when he pays too much attention to something the ears tend to get closer than I would expect, like clapping...

    Not sure if I should be using a solid bridge to avoid this, or if I'm doing something wrong.

    I will attache latter pics when he's paying attention to something, right now he is just ignoring me
    But you can see how I am taping with these ones.

    OK, this is how he place his ears when paying too much attention:

    it's normal? do I need the solid bridge? or tape a bit wider (like 10am - 2pm)?

    BTW this is my first time taping...
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    Looks good to me. He must have some strong ear muscles. I say continue as you are doing with just the tape bridge. I usually only use the bridge for around a month. Then just tape the ears only.