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    Originally posted by oceanbluedanes View Post
    I agree with Kayla, they do look better as an adult but are still not what I would consider a good Dane crop.

    But if you like them, who cares? I will admit I have seen much worse on a Dane.

    Get us a good picture of the baby's ears and we can tell you more... Sorry, I thought your siggy was the baby.
    Yes they are wider, but I liked it so it didn't matter to me! LOL. & I have seen very bad crops on a Dane (very, short pit style ) At the time Athena was a puppy, I asked for a long crop but didn't want them too thin.
    Our baby Dane has a long/thin "show" crop, at least that's what I asked for.. we shall see. I'll get better pictures up as I take them. He's such a booger & likes to run away.. Here we go again with the whole taping ordeal, hopefully it goes smoother than last time, lol! He seems to not mind as much with me messing with his ears but I have no help this time around since the husband is deployed

    Originally posted by kayla baxter View Post
    They look much better as an adult, but would still be considered too wide for a dane crop. For comparison, my harl boy also has a wider crop while my fawn pup has a nice show crop:
    I love zephyr! I remember seeing him on the forum as a puppy! He's gotten so big & is still such a beauty, love the Fawn boy too... but I'm partial to Fawns, lol. Athena's ears look almost similar (in width) as Zephyr's.. Hopefully our puppy's ears turn out ok, regardless I would love him just as much. & that vet will fix my issue somehow, but definitely NOT by recropping.


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      Ah right, oops on the pic mix up! Does look much better now she's grown. It's far better to have a wider long crop than a short pit crop anyday, imo.