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Natural ears: To tape or not to tape

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  • Natural ears: To tape or not to tape

    My 16 week old pup has the craziest ears but they give her so much character and match her funny personality and I do love them but.. When people tape natural ears is it just for personal reasons or is it a necessity?




    Sorry not the best pictures of her ears..

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    My boy also has the craziest, wonkiest natural ears, but I wouldn't change them.. They make me laugh every time he perks them up.
    I'm pretty sure people tape natural ears just out of personal preference.
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      Its funny how you just posted this because just yesterday I took the tape off of my danes natural ears. My danes ears looked just like your danes ears. The reason I taped them under his chin is because his ears are so long that they continued to grow over his eyes. They sat high on his head like your danes but mine was starting to have issues actually seeing. I thought it was adorable for awhile until he started tripping over all kinds of things, not to mention he had bumped into a few walls as well. Its a total preference and those "flying nun" ears definitely give danes all kinds of character!
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        I think I taped my pup's ears mostly for personal preference. His ears were a little wonky, but the real issue was that one flopped on top of his head. It was cute as a puppy, but I wasn't sure how cute it would be as an adult. I think this is mostly because my pup doesn't have that goofy, dane-like personality. He is one of the more serious pups. It just didn't seem like a floppy ear was fitting his personality well.
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          She seems to control her left ear more so it's not on top of her head and in front if her eye her right eye is not there so since it doesn't bother her maybe that's why that ear is all types of crazy! Her ears definitely match her personality!