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  • Too much work to tape?

    Hello all my name is Kristen. This is my first post here. I am VERY close to getting a Dane from a breeder in a neighboring state. Her pups don't come cropped, but she uses a vet that has been doing it for 40 years and has done a very good job with her show dogs. I asked her about getting the ears cropped before I come get her. She told me that with a 2 year old daughter (2 going on 30) and a 4 year old Boston Terrier that it would be too much work to tape for months and months and that the other dog may hamper the taping. Does this sound right? Should I not request the cropping due to these factors? I would like to let her know my decision today so I can put my down payment down and she can make the appt to get the ears done. Thank you

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    If you choose to a crop a puppy you need to be 100% COMMITTED to the process until those ears are done and stand.

    Yes, being around other dogs can make it difficult because they rough-house. It may mean taping more than once a day if things get pulled off. It may take taping more than once a day before you get the hang of it and figure out a way that works best for your pup.

    You could be looking at taping for over a year.

    If you are prepared to take the time to put up with your 2 year old, your other dog and the chaos that will surround both of them with a new puppy and all that life will bring you... and cropped ears then I say do it (although there is obviously a reason that your breeder is against it for you... and that needs to be considered since they generally have a good read if they're reputable). If you're not willing to put in the effort then don't even bother.... it's not worth putting your pup through and having a crop-flop.

    My first Dane was not cropped because I wanted to get used to raising a Dane and all the quirks that go along with it. I didn't want to worry about ears on top of everything. If and when I get my next Dane.... I would like them to be cropped. I would be prepared to tape until they stood.

    I would suggest really assessing your life and time and see if it's condusive to taping ears for a year (plan for the worst.... hope for them to stand on their own earlier).
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      What state are you getting your pup from? I'm in MO, so we're neighbors. = )

      I am in the middle of taping right now, and it is A LOT of work! This is my first Dane and I considered floppy ears for that reason, but decided to go with a medium/long crop.

      My puppy had his ears done 5 weeks ago. He went a week with nothing on his ears (until his stitches were removed) and has gone the other 4 weeks rotating 5 days in wraps and one free day. The first two times the vet wrapped his ears and I've taken on the responsibility for the rest.

      It's a nerve-racking process. As mentioned you don't want a crop-flop so you need much time to first learn how to tape, then tape, then re-tape because your pup pulls off the tape, and so on.. That being said my pup's ears already stand when I take the tape off. I think we will have to continue the process through the next month and growth spurts and he should be fine.

      I'm lucky. I also didn't do a show crop though. From my understanding they are much more involved. So to second the first person's advice make sure you are committed. Read as much as you can about taping so that you understand what your getting yourself into.

      Enjoy your new Dane! It is such an amazing breed. You'll be hooked for life, I know I am!
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        Our first Dane had natural ears and I loved their soft look and feel. I've never regretted that we didn't have him cropped. Our new pup came to us already cropped so I've had to learn to tape.

        The first 3 weeks we had him it was a constant worry because I wasn't able to tape well enough to look right. Every time I looked at him the ears seemed crooked. When I tried to tape him he would get crazy and jump all over. I was totally stressed! To top it off my vet has given me all kinds of grief about the fact that he's cropped and has tried to dicourage me from taping.

        In week 4 his ears stood beautifully when I removed his tapes and the retaping has gone easily from there. He's finally cooperating when I tape and sitting nicely until I'm done. His ears are beautiful standing but it has been a lot of work.

        Bottom line - if it's really important to you that she have cropped ears I would do it but if you like both types of ears I would not go to the trouble. Good luck with your choice and enjoy that new baby girl!!
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          Originally posted by InLoveWithBrinks View Post
          It's a nerve-racking process. As mentioned you don't want a crop-flop so you need much time to first learn how to tape, then tape, then re-tape because your pup pulls off the tape, and so on.. That being said my pup's ears already stand when I take the tape off. I think we will have to continue the process through the next month and growth spurts and he should be fine.
          I don't want to discourage you, but I'd plan on taping longer than that! Puppies ears will start to stand nice and early, but wont stay up for very long before they start to flop. Also, remember that even well started ears tend to flop through the teething stage, so unless your pup has a real short crop, you'll have to tape through that. Just make sure that at any sign of weakness, you get those ears back on the posts, or else you'll be progressing backwards and end up having to tape longer overall >_<

          To the OP, honestly, every dog is different. We have a 3 year old, 35lb mutt and a human baby due in two weeks. Our Dane is six months old with cropped ears and we're still posting and taping. Luckily, our pup has never really tried to pull the tapes off, nor have we had any issues with the other dog and they roughhouse on a regular basis. In the beginning, we just kept an eye on our older dog and made sure she was careful around his ears in play.

          Now, this may be far from the experience you could have, but I just don't think it's fair to refuse a cropped pup to a family for having another dog and a child. My breeder questioned our commitment because of our situation, but we had a thorough discussion and decided that my FH and I were totally capable of handling the extra responsibility.

          I'd say it all comes down to the time and effort you intend to put in. A puppy is hard work! A cropped puppy is even more hard work! And you must be prepared, as others have mentioned, for less-than-ideal situations like having to tape every day for awhile, and possibly having to post for a year.

          If you are really dedicated and devoted, a cropped Dane could very well fit into your family dynamic. If you're unsure you could take full responsibility to make sure you do everything in your power to get those ears to stand, you're better off with a natural eared Dane. It's just not fair to the dog to put him or her through the crop surgery and all the hassle only to fail due to lack of commitment.

          This is ultimately a decision only you and your breeder can make. I'd discuss it with him or her in more detail and maybe you'll both discover some potentials you hadn't thought about previously. You may wind up realizing it's more responsibility that you don't want to be weighed down with. On the other hand, you may feel confident that you're prepared for the extra work and you could be a perfectly suitable home for a cropped pup!

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