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  • Stupid question, crop flop

    my girl Rexi will be 8 in february and she has a crop flop.
    Periodically, she stands her ears up. Sometimes it is just one. We really thought her ears were going to stand when we taped them, but they fell one day and she wouldn't keep her posts on. Long story short ... I would have done more things differently now, but back then I didn't want my baby hurting her self by scratching her ears raw. And we made better posts than the vet (they were cropped in a different city) -_-

    Anyway ...

    Since she has the ability to hold her ears up, and this is a stupid question, would taping now help anything? I'm just curious and I searched all over the internet for an answer and found nothing. When she lays down on her side they fall into the up position and when she wakes up they stay that way for a couple of minutes, or at least one will.

    Again I know it is a stupid question, but please humor me.
    Merlin and Rexi

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    Can't really do anything about it now. Didn't you recently ask about implants and then say that the ears didn't really bother you? Especially after 8 years. Sorry to be blunt but if you weren't devoted to the crop from the beginning you probably shouldn't have had it done. A lesson to any potential owners debating cropping I guess.
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      Yes I was curious about them.

      Like I said it doesn't really matter, but why not ask if its possible? There are a LOT of advancements these days that were not readily available 7-8 years ago.

      There is really no reason to be blunt here. So what if I asked about implants? Does that imply anything about my situation? It's an innocent question. I shouldn't have to defend myself.

      We thought they were done, they weren't, and she wouldn't keep the posts in without scratching her ears raw. I think many would have done the same.

      I was purely curious if she could potentially hold her ears up longer, if I helped her out, since she does it periodically on her own anyway. That's all.

      PS - if people are going to be judgmental then this whole thread can be deleted I see too many times on here where people jump to conclusions and make accusations ... I really didn't post this to stir up anything. Like I said, I was curious, and it was an innocent question.
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      Merlin and Rexi


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        I really do not think that posting the ears now will change anything. The reason cropping is done on young puppies is to train the cartlidge to harden in a certain position. After 7+ years the cartlidge is going to stay the way it is.
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          Thanks, I understand why it's done young. Since she stands them up on her own, I wasn't sure if she was just being lazy with the top half of the ears. We did tape them for a good while before she just wouldn't keep the posts on anymore.

          Oh well, Thanks anyway!
          Merlin and Rexi


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            Not to mention, she will probably be just as devoted to removing the posts now as she was as a puppy.

            But I think it's very unlikely that you will be able to change the cartilage at this point without surgery and I would NOT put an 8 year old through any cosmetic surgery, ever.

            Just be happy she gets them up some of the time.
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