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9 months & ears won't stand

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  • 9 months & ears won't stand

    I have a 9 month old male Dane and his ears won't stand. The vet would like to re-crop and make them a bit thinner and shorter. I hate to put him through that but I'm tired of taping as well. I also own his sister and her ears have been standing beautifully since she was 5 month old. This is Dane 5 & 6 for me and I don't remember having this much trouble in the past. Maybe I have conveniently blocked it out of my memory. Does it take longer to get males ears to stand? Thanks for any help in the matter.

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    9 months is nothing. I'd say the average is 6-9 months, but some dogs require up to 2 years of taping.
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      Would it be possible for you to post a few pics of the ears?
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        I will try to post a picture tomorrow. I can't figure out how to post a picture from my iPad and I don't have my laptop with me. New technology is maddening!


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          I would keep it up and definitely post pics. What method are you using and where are they falling?
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            Most males ears dont stand at 9 months anyway, and never let them rest untaped, only long enough to clean and dry or your undoing any progress gained.
            What method do you use and please post pics...
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