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    I posted about a problem that I am having with getting my nine month old danes ear tips to stand and someone posted about using knox geletin supplement. Before I resort to using this I was hoping someone could give me a little more information about it. First off I went to the store to locate the knox geletin but all I could find was the store brand unflavored natural geletin. Is this going to serve the same purpose or do I need the specific Knox brand. Next I would like to know if this is supplement is a temporary thing or is this something that has to be continued over a long period of time and lastly has anyone found out what effects this may have on the health of the dog when used. I dont want anyone to think that because I have posted this that I am looking for the easy way out because I am planning to continue to post until I see improvement in his tips. Thanks

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    I don't think it has to be brand specific, And as far as I know, there is no side effects, unless your pup is allergic to beef.
    How long?, till it works.
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      We used it. I don't think there are any side effects, its just like eating Jello. We used the Knox brand but I doubt there is any difference as long as its real gelatin, they carry knox at Walmart and Kroger around here. If I remember right, I sprinkled half a packet on her kibble twice a day. My vague understanding was that it helps build the cartilage up during their growing. We gave it from ear cropping (11 weeks) until they stood up about three months later. So we were feeding it during her rapid growth stages, I'm not sure if it will be as useful for an older pup, but there is no reason not to try.
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        I just want to bump this thread to the top.

        I know a lot of people have used Knox gelatin to "help ears stand" and I tried it with Rexi as well (7 years ago). We may believe it works because most of the time ears stand well anyway.

        However, I just want to point out that this is myth.

        Gelatin, like any other food, is broken down into its smaller components in the digestive tract and is not allocated to any specific place in the body. It therefore cannot help the ears stand.

        It won't hurt the dog, but it is an unnecessary expense.

        And if it helps me hold my water, I am a registered dietitian and I teach a food science lab at the university.

        Just wanted to point that out to anyone that might be wasting money
        Merlin and Rexi