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  • Ears.

    So im not putting this in the ear forum because its more of a conformation question and i think i will get more responses here.

    I am planning on cropping my first show prospect, i have never had a cropped dog before, and i am wondering what is taken into account before the crop happens.

    How do you decide the length of the crop, how much bell is left, ect. i know the vet should be experienced in cropping but do you have a "say" as to what you want?

    also, maybe some of you can post some head shots explaining ear set to me, i am a visual learner, and just reading descriptions of ear set is difficult for me. And maybe explain why a certain crop would be chosen for a certain "head"

    make sense?

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    It depends on the head there is Show cut med, long etc. Yes you have a say
    I did with Sir Rah BUT make Sure you have a Vet that knows Danes Cut.
    I met someone who had a Cut Messed Up the Vet did not know Danes and cut their Dane like a Doberman which was Way to Short for the Head the Owner was just beside themself. their Dane has a huge head with very short ears


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      My vet basically told me that removing the amount of bell that he removes is the proper way to cut the Dane's ear and I believed him (after checking with the good folks of DOL of course, my first post!). He did let me choose between the "curved" look of the cut or a "straight" edge. I liked the curved look better. He told me a medium crop would be good for a pet and I trusted him on that one too (although I think I said I wanted it a smidge longer, not show length though). And I'm very happy with Rupert's ears.
      ~ Lisa & Rupert


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        Dr. Bill being a former Dane breeder, can tell by the pup/line approximately what the head will look like at full growth. He then cuts the ears to the appropriate length. Bell width is a matter or preference and style. Too wide, stand quickly, but looks bad, to narrow takes a long time to get to stand.

        This is why it is imperative to interview a cropper beforehand. See their portfolio, but most importantly see and interview actual dogs and their owners.
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          Scarlett in my profile pics has a medium show cut with a very narrow bell. Her head is a pretty decent size and the ear length looks good on her. Medium show crops are easier to get standing as long show crops tend to struggle with the tips somewhat. Scarlett isn't shown but she was originally my breeder's keep for show/breeding and that was the crop length she decided on. I think the majority of her dogs have the same length.

          Whatever length you choose, I think the key is a very narrow bell. Wider bells make the crop look shorter and the head all wonky. A medium or long show crop will always look good with a tight bell.
          Katie & Scarlett