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    I have a 9week old puppy what is the oldest he can be for cropping
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    The earlier the better...I believe most vets do them anywhere from 7-12weeks.


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      9 weeks is not too old, but you'll need to get it done ASAP if you're going to do it and you can't take him to just any ol' vet. If you are going to have a Dane cropped then you need to take him to someone who KNOWS Dane crops - they are totally different then other crops and take a lot more work to do right. It can take as long as 18 months of YOU taping for a crop to stand properly (not terribly common and if you do a medium crop it almost definitely won't take that long). If you don't have any breeder support on finding the right vet to do it or to help you with taping I'd keep the pup natural at this point.
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        I personally think 9 weeks is the best age to crop. 12 weeks is the absolute latest that I would do it, but I would highly recommend getting it done asap if your planning On doing it. As mentioned, pick your cropping vet wisely. Not all crops are created equally.


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          At 9 weeks, if your going to crop, do it now.
          7-8 weeks is the most ideal age.
          Most vets don't like to do danes over 10 weeks (lots won't touch anything over 8 weeks)
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            I prefer 7-8 weeks. I don't like it done past 10 and definitely wouldn't do it past 12.
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