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Magnus got his ears cropped! Day 2

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  • Magnus got his ears cropped! Day 2

    This is Magnus the day after he had his ears done at exactly 8 weeks old. They were done by Dr Schaffer and I think they look beautiful! I can't wait for the tape to come off on Wednesday. Sorry, these are phone pictures!

    Also, I put neosporin with pain reliever on tonight (His ears were done Friday and tonight is Sunday night) because I asked my breeder what I could do for the itching. It has helped immensely. Is there a place on the ear I should or shouldn't put the neosporin? And should I pick up some gold bond to put on as well as the neosporin or is it either or?

    Wednesday we are supposed to remove the tape until we go meet my breeder on Friday for her to show my fiancee and I the first taping. We are in OK and the crop vet is in TX.

    On his way home from the breeder:

    "You mean this queen bed isn't for me???"

    Let me know what you guys think, and any suggestions would be great!

    Thank you!
    Megan & Magnus

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    I think they look great! Gorgeous pup.
    ~ Lisa & Rupert


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      Did I understand right that you will be un wrapping WEDNESDAY and not re-wrapping until FRIDAY!? I'd always understood you shouldn't leave them down for that long... especially in the beginning :S
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        I think he is beautiful and so are his ears. I can't wait to see 'em when they are all done!
        Josh Wolff
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          I had read similar things but my breeder instructed me to do it and is very experienced, as is Dr. Schaffer as many of you know. If I let them down Wednesday evening we are retaping Friday morning so that won't be too long. Thanks everyone! He is the biggest stinker. He's very vocal about everything, attached to my hip and has a very dominate personality. I'm in for a lot of work!