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Sores on ears! need advice quick!

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  • Sores on ears! need advice quick!

    So i just untaped Mac. im over a month and a half into taping. its been a few hours with them off and they are still standing really good. i want to retape him again but he has sores on the outside base and front fold of the ears he also has a sore on the tip of his ear. i dont want to let him go through the night without retaping....what do i do!!! please help!

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    The could and should stay down for a day or two before putting back up. This allows them to air out before retaping.


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      Originally posted by riloburnham View Post
      The could and should stay down for a day or two before putting back up. This allows them to air out before retaping.
      I don't agree with that at all. That early on they should only be down for a few hours. If you have gold bond or can put a piece of gauze over the sores and then tape over that I would suggest doing that. The goldbond helps remove some moisture and has an agent in that helps prevent any itching.

      Take a quick look through the taping section.... I've read my times to not leave them down longer than a few hours and have heard the goldbond and covering sores with gauze numerous times as well. Maybe you can find some other suggestions there too.

      I know it'll suck because of the sores but personally if you can cover the sores with a piece of gauze or something similar and then retape for the night that will give you time to find other solutions while still having them taped and not making it worse.

      Good luck!

      ETA: I just did a quick search using the search function at the top of this forum and found a few places that it says not not leave the ears down over night... only during the day.
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        I leave the ears down for a day then put them back up. It may take a bit longer in the long run but it is what it is plus he likes em down and they stand great right now. As far as the sores, clean with rubbing alcohol then put gold bond on them heals them right up. you could be taping too tight so no air getting in. i tape the bottom the middle and tip not the entire ear.


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          I dont agree with leaving them down either. Mine first Dane got sores on her ears too and like the second peron said, use Goldbond. I did every time I retaped and the sores went away by the next retaping.


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            Most importantly how bad are the sores and what do they look like? Are the sores abrasions or are they ulcers? Is there a mucopurulent discharge? Etc..

            If they looked infected and inflamed, you need to visit your vet. Bacteria and fungus love sealed off areas of warm fluid. They will need to take cultures and get you the appropriate Rx. However, odds are these sores are just abrasions from the tape and you're a good parent worrying.

            Clean w/isopropyl alcohol.... then Gold Bond (old school original powder) and AIR.

            Macho, my GD, went through the cropping/posting starting last July. He developed sores during one of the tapings. If you leave them down for a few days, you will not mess up the ears, especially since you are > a month in. When you clean them, you can also massage them into shape you are aiming for. I would not cover the sores up and irritate them more.

            Check how you are taping too. I used two different types of tape (one for the posts/bridge, one to wrap). Since you have >1 sores, you may be taping too tight or the tape you are using might be irritating the skin.

            If you are uber worried about leaving the ears down, another thing you could try is taping around the sores (leaving an open border) or cut out a hole in the tape that will cover the sores. Then apply the gold bond to those areas to help keep them dry and help prevent itching. I poured it into a tupperware, used cotton balls to apply it, and then would seal the tupperware for an easy/clean application. You could also try using a more breathable tape.

            What you do next really depends on the nature of the sores.

            Hope that helps! GL!

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              I also do not agree with leaving them down. I never left ears down for more than an hour or so. I also second Gold Bond and some no stick gauze to protect the raw spot until it heals.
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                thank you for all the replies and the great advice. i was too nervous to keep them down overnight so i ran to the store at midnight and got some goldbond and only taped the base, middle and tip and just wrapped them lightly with gauze. i think he will be just fine! thank you everyone!! the people on the site are the best....... just saying!!!!!


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                  Gold Bond is a must we had bottles in every room...We would not let Asia's ears be down for more then a day...About the sore can you try and not let the tape stick to that sore??? We would put a gauze folded in half to shelter an area that was a problem. Asia was taped for almost a year it was alot of hard work but so worth it!!!! Good luck..


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                    Those are common places for sores to develop, I went through that with Leo. Either Gold Bond or dr scholls medicated foot powder have become a necessity here since bringing Leo home. It really helps. We don't leave Leo's ears down for longer than the time it takes for a few pics before retaping.
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                      ok thank you very much. ill keep gold bond on me at all times. his ears were down for about 2 and a half hours only because i was nervous to tape them again. but they stood amazingly which is exciting for me! but they are back up in tape again and i think he will be doing good.