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EAR CROP POLL...How long from start to finish?

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    Classic- long show crop, done at 7 months.
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      This is an interesting thread! I have been curious about this as well.
      I can't really answer as we are still early in the taping process, but...

      Gia was cropped at 7 weeks, VERY long show crop.. she is 4 months old now and I have never left them untaped for more than 4-5 hours, they seem to stand really well for that time, but I don't trust them yet for any longer than that so back up they go!
      I'm guessing we'll probably be taping for another 4 months-ish. and I know I will be one of those people that continues to tape for awhile after I think they are done, just to make sure

      Here is a pic taken several weeks ago of the little devil that shows her gorgeous crop..

      -I think she was just over 3 months in the pic (I need to take some new ones with her tapes off!) but it shows how they've been standing for the time I let her be with her tapes off
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        Milly was cropped at 10 weeks and has extremely nice ear leather...She was cropped mostly by laser and her crop is a medium/longer show crop. I used the medical glue method with viva paper towels for pillows and bonding stays for splits.I also wrapped loosely in coflex. I changed the tape every 8-10 days and gave her 1-2 days rest in between. Her ears stood perfectly in 10 weeks!!! They haven't fallen once.She is know going on 9 months old.

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          How long they need to be taped depends on them and you, their ear leather,
          cartilage, ear set, type of crop, quality of crop and how diligent and skilled you are at taping. Ears do not need to rest between tapings and should go right back up if they are not standing 100% or it just breaks the cartilage back down so fast and is a huge set back. Even after the ears are standing they made need to go back up in tapes during teething or growth spurts.

          And I see a lot of pet people get impatient and give up taping after a couple months cause they think the ears will never stand :-( I hate to see dogs go through a crop and taping just for the owner to give up or get lazy with it and it totally ruins the regal look of the dog.

          I am very anal about taping, until they are totally trained they only stay out of tapes long enough to snap a couple of pictures and right back up they go.

          Mine have stood anywhere from 12 weeks old to 2 years old (which is not the norm, most have stood between 3-5 months old) and some after 3 years of taping still flop at a tip. (all were medium/long show crops done at 6-7 weeks of age) The heavier/thicker the leather the less luck we have had. If the ones with thicker leather had a little shorter crops they would be standing.

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            Sabre got his ears cropped on November 5th at 11 weeks old, it's been 1 week and 1 day but they're already wanting to stand on their own! We went with a shorter medium crop though, because of his age.
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              My last Dane had a loooong show crop and her ears were up at 8 months. My male Dane also had a long crop, but I had to tape him for 2 years. I REFUSED to have a crop flop and would have taped longer if needed. I never once thought of giving up...I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to taping.
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                Just wondering how well do the dogs take to taping? Are there some that just hate it, some that don't mind? I think I want to crop. Have not bought a pup yet.... just wondering if its worth it..


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                  A lot depends on your method, if you're using skin bond and pulling the tape off without adhesive remover it's going to hurt and the pup's not going to like it. My boy enjoyed the taping process. I only used paper tape on him, and his ears would get really dry from the gold bond, so before i'd put them up I'd put moisturizer on his ears and massage them, them give him a full body massage while the moisturizer dried. By then he was so relaxed I could get both ears taped in less than five minutes by myself.
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                    Never had either of my GD's object to taping with the method I use.
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                      We used the quick brace system - cropped at 8 weeks - done at 5 months - medium crop

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                        Kodi is my first dane... he had his ears done at 12 weeks he is 15 weeks and his ears are standing after 2 wrappings... vet said them may flop at teething ... This picture was taken to day after we got home from the vet...
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                          Reviving and old thread here, but I think it has great information in it.

                          My boy was cropped at 8.5 weeks by a very experienced dane cropper. He has a medium show crop. I am a first time taper (youtube certified I kept them up all the time and never let them flop over.

                          He was finished at 4.5 months.


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                            Originally posted by Swee View Post
                            I know this will sound insane but we cropped Sadie's at 10 weeks and she only had three weeks of postings and she's got a beautiful medium crop. I will try and upload photos of her.

                            Don't go according to the avatar picture, she was inbetween postings and had the zoomies!
                            Wow that's awesome! What method did you use?


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                              We cropped Zeke a couple days before 12 weeks. Everyday his crop looks better and better to me. He's not posted yet, got another few days till we start doing so. Member NMDane guided me to a 3 part series of taping on YouTube by SummitView which I will be using their method. Thanks again NMDane for taking the time to help. If I remember correctly, from what I've been reading many will tape longer then needed, especially past teething stages.
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