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"Yoda" ears even with breathrite strips?

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  • maxview
    started a topic "Yoda" ears even with breathrite strips?

    "Yoda" ears even with breathrite strips?

    I still plan to post with the backer rod till the end of the month then switch over to the breathrite strips for the tips of Zolton's ears; by then he will be 7 months old.

    I did however see a female Dane in town today with those BRS strips in her ears. I went to ask a few questions and while I was talking to the owner the dog lied down and almost went to sleep.
    She had her head down on the ground and her ears went into the yoda look with the tips of her ears (with the breathstrips taped on) flopping like an airplane.

    When alert though they did stand up straight.....the dog was 6 1/2 months old and the man just stopped posting and started using the breathrite strips

    Is that the way the ears are supposed to look at rest with the BRS in??

    Thanks in advance

  • Amiabull
    The ears don't always stand straight up. When at rest they may hold them out to the side or even point them straight back.

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