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When to start leaving them out of tapes?

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  • When to start leaving them out of tapes?

    When is it appropriate to start leaving Zuko's ears out of tapes and just taping as needed?

    Previously, we leave tapes up for a week, take them down on Saturday for his puppy class and put them back up afternoon/evening. He is 5 months old and his ears are standing pretty well. He's been teething so previously they were starting to fall by the end of the day. Yesterday, I got really sick and so I didn't put them back up in tapes and he slept on them. This morning, they are still standing. His left ear usually has a weak spot half way up but it still looks good this morning.

    He's actually still heavily teething right now as he just lost his top canines, but I'm wondering if it's okay to leave them until they start to fall?


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    I was really anal about taping, but I wouldn't trust the ears too much during the teething period. Maybe wait another 2-3 weeks and reevaluate. I taped straight through to 6.5mos and decided to leave them down until the tips fell. They never did and I never taped again. Throughout the taping process I never saw her tips fall either.

    But I was anal! Maybe others will have a more relaxed view. Haha.
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      I wouldn't start trying to leave them down until he's done teething.

      Mine were out of tapes around 6 months old. Both show crops, though not the super long one's.


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        Thanks guys...that was sort of my thought. Keep taping until after teething and re-evaluate. Better to be safe than sorry!


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          Hi Tia! I third the other two. It looks like Zuko has a pretty long show crop to boot and with him teething I wouldn't put too much faith on those ears yet. I think I quit posting and just did the tips on Turner at 6.5 months old. I did the tips for another 2 months after that. I'd err on the side of caution and just do it anyway. BTW, Zuko is looking really good, he can be a real heart breaker!
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            Ditto the waiting until teething is over. I figure it's just not worth the extra work/time/taping it's going to be if I get lax during this period. Once he's done teething, let them down for a bit and see what they do.

            I'm going through the same thing right now with Evie. She just turned 5 months and is teething and I definitely noticed it in her ears...they were doing really well. Just a little more patience!
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