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So...breathe right strips?

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  • So...breathe right strips?

    Ok, EVs ears have been down for about 2 weeks or so. The bases are great and one is is solid all the way to the tips. The other ear, her problem ear, is not "falling" really but rather starting to curve. I hate to tape both all up again because of this but want to remedy it, I've read about doubling up large breathe right strips to hold the tip but does this work? I would love to hear from someone who has tried it, or any other advice would be greatly welcomed.


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    I just put Rupert's tips in breath right strips yesterday so I don't know if they work yet or not! I will say they are a bitch to keep on. Actually the first one I put on is crappy, the second one is better. Before I did the second one I painted some liquid bandage on the sticky part to give it more adhesion, stuck it on the inside of his ear and then put some paper tape around the tip. I didn't use two on each ear. I also wouldn't mind hearing from anyone who has tried it and their results.
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      I have had some success putting them on the outside of the ear with osteobond. Although a cable tie or two (back taped) taped on to the tip would work just as, well. Not to mention be easier to get off, when you are ready.
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        I've been putting double breath right strips in Classic's ears for about a month. I tape over them to keep them on, just the top half is taped. His PITA ear had to go back up in a post a week ago though, it was bending right below the breath right strips.
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          I've used the plastic collar stiffeners for suit shirts that's usually inserted on the tips of the collars (because it's really light weight) if you have one. I sandwiched them in between the inside of Turner's ears and athletic tape. I also secured it around the ear with some paper tape and it worked pretty well for me. It lasted about a week and then had to retape. I did this for about 5 weeks until he was about 8 months old.
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            I've heard that the only ones that work well and stay on well (and don't have medicine in them) are the large clear ones.
            Never used them myself.


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              When Winston only needed his tips taped, I used Q-Tips. I placed them on the inside of his ear and taped them in place. It worked well for us.
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                I've used breath rite strips on all of my cropped pups when they're just losing a tip. I'm currently using the clear ones on Evie. I put them on the inside, putting some osto bond on first so they hold. I don't tape over the strip, as it adds weight and isn't necessary with a small amount of osto bond. Then I take 1" athletic-type tape and rip it in half (to make it 1/2" wide). I slightly curve the ear inward (like it would be with a post in it, but not quite so much) and then tape around (with the 1/2" wide piece of tape) to hold this shape for extra support to keep the ear from buckling. I've had a lot of success with this. I've also used the zip ties, but this is usually my 'last stage' method when they're pretty solid, but just losing a tip occassionally.

                eta: I only use 1 strip per ear and make sure to place the center of the strip on the line where the ear is buckling/bending. This is also the area I put the tape.
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