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  • Leaning inward...

    EVs ears have begun to lean inward with and without tapes. We figured it was because her muscles are strengthening and the brace wasn't helping anymore. We took out the brace the last time we taped but they still lean inward rather than perfectly straight up all the time. It's not all the time but pretty frequently. Any suggestions as to what we should do or is this something that will even out as her head grows?


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    can you post a picture?

    when you post the ears, pull the ear tight up on the post when the post is in the ear. the posts should not be straight up and down all the time, they should be at like 10 and 2.


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      Sorry, when shes relaxed her ears do hang outward around 10/2 or 9/3 but I'm talking about when she postures and is alert. Our camera died and my computer refuses to recognize my cell phone.


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        when she isn't posted do they touch over her head? if not, then you are fine. Karma can make her ear tips touch over her head if she sees a cat or something... lol!


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          When you tape, pull the ears up and slightly out. You may have pockets at the base of the ear (weak areas).