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When should I see scabs start to show?

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  • When should I see scabs start to show?

    Tomorrow will be day 3 of my 9 week old puppy Zolton's cropping.
    So far everything looks good...stitches are nice and clean looking, no odors or other issues...The only thing I have been doing is applying with a cotton ball Gold Bond Powder to all the stitched edges....I just wondered if you could actually "over do it" with applying the Gold Bond?? I do put it on quite a bit during the day as I find it helps him a lot and keeps the ear edges nice and dry. I try not to get any into his ear canal but it is kind of hard not to sometimes.

    After reading a lot of posts I decided not to use peroxide on the edges as some say it is good and some say not. Hope I am doing right.
    I am constantly monitoring his ears and foam block and wondered when should I see scabs starting to appear? So far nothing.
    I know there are lots of opinions on the scabbing too...remove them or not??

    Once the stitches are removed and he is all healed and the foam block is off is that when you start to massage the ear edges?
    Do you massage them while in the tapes?
    Right now I do not touch his ears only to dust on the powder and inspect them constantly.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I didn't pick off any scabs and never massaged the ear edges. What is that supposed to do? I'm not trying to sound sarcastic, I've just never heard about massaging the ears.



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      Sounds like you are doing a great job!!!! I agree NO peroxide. As a healthcare professional I will tell you we no longer use it for wound care being it stops the granulation of good new tissue. I don't know that I would do all the powder you are doing though. As for taking off scabs that to is a hot topic. Some feel it helps build the tissue that helps those ears stand. I agree with that to a large degree. Some will tell you let them fall off. When one pulls a scab off it causes the body to react sending sending more white cells etc that help bring blood supply to the tissue as well as help them stand. I tend to more agree with this. But others may not agree. Good luck Can't wait to see pics oh your babies ears!!! Good luck
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        I have always just used Gold Bond. I do not pick scabs, I let them fall off. They are usually ready to come off on their own by 10-14 days after the procedure. Often the scabs will naturally come off as the sticthes are removed, if not, I tape over them and they fall off when I remove the tape in 5-7 days.
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