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My little conehead is finally home!

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  • My little conehead is finally home!

    Yesterday my little guy "Zolton" arrived home. He was fresh from getting his ears cropped.
    I expected to see the worst with bloody ears and him screaming in pain.....oh what a relief.....his ears look nice and clean and neatly stitched, and he has a triangle block of foam between his ears.
    Once we put him down in the house he actually started a mini version of the zoomies.
    Last night was pretty good as he slept until 5 am this morning so I actually don't look too sleep deprived!

    When I noticed him paying attention to his ears I give him his toys or a bit of peanut butter in a kong and he forgets everything.
    Has done a bit of shaking of his head but not much....and he dosen't seem to be wanting to scratch with his hind feet either (fingers crossed) but I do have some small socks on hand if I need to use them. His nails got trimmed just to be on the safe side also.

    I have read numerous different suggestions for cropping aftercare and products to use.

    I just wondered if anyone could let me know what worked well for them.

    I thought of dabbing the peroxide on his ear edges daily a couple of times?? then once dried I would sprinkle a bit of Gold Bond powder on the edges to stop any itching.....or is polysporin best??

    Thanks in advance.


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    I used neosporin when my boy still have the stitches on to soften the scabs. After when the stitches were removed, I then use cotton swab with alcohol. But if I see any open sores, I use peroxide. Gold bond helps with the itchiness when taping.

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      I wouldn't use Polysporin on the scabs. You want them to harden and fall off and create scar tissue to help the ears stand. Polysporin can weaken this process. Gold Bond is your best friend.
      Katie & Scarlett


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        I am not for peroxide. Peroxide stop granulation of new tissue. You are prolonging the healing process. We used to use it all the time but studies now indicate it is not good to use. We no longer use it in wound care because of this.

        Congrats on your new baby
        Yvonne, Heather & gang @ Rhydtsdanes


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          I only use Gold Bond powder. It helps take the itch away, without slowing the healing process.
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