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  • Applying Skinbond..

    I have had pretty good luck using the molefoam method for the ears lately. I apply skinbond to the inside of the clean ear and apply it to the back of the molefoam template then place in the ear. This last time it lasted for almost 2 weeks before starting to peel away.

    Hubby and I just re-applied a fresh molefoam to both ears last night.
    I do however have a question regarding the skinbond.

    When I put it in Gunther's ears then place the molefoam in after about a minute he starts racing around scratching and going nuts making me believe it is stinging him? I have to calm him down in my lap or give him special treats and play with him to get his mind off his ears. After a while he finally settles down though. There is no swelling, irritation or rash after removing the molefoam templates and I can see his ears look fine while I am cleaning any excess skinbond off.

    Does anyone else's dog react like this when using the skinbond. Hubby suggested we both put some on our arm to see if it stings and it dosen't...

    Help would be appreciated...


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    RE: Applying Skinbond..

    Isnt it awfully strong smelling?? If so, thats the reason.
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