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  • Falling foward

    Today I did my first rewrap on my baby. He is 10 weeks. He isn't in the cup anymore and there just taped. I was given instructions and I work in a vet office but I nor the Vet there has wrapped a Danes ears before. The other doctor has exper. but is on vacation. His ears smelled a little like yeast so we went ahead and tried. Our breeder had the pipe foam ins. but all we had available were tampons so we used that after cleaning and letting them dry. They were unrapped for about 2 hours. I am going out tomorrow and getting some pipe foam( think that is what it is called) but do you think it wil be ok till next week in the tampons? Also I paid close attention to how we unwrapped to see how to rewrap. There is a little fold of skin about mid way in the front that is bent or folded back and both sides were taped this way. We rewrapped it this way and I wanted to be sure it was right. Also because of his loose skin his ears tend to fall foward when he looks down. That won't effect his ears standing will it? Thanks and if anyone has any tips PLEASE let me know.Missy

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    RE: Falling foward

    Yes, that skin is folded back (put a litle gold bond powder in there before taping). And yes they do fall forward when the pup puts his head down, but when the head is up the ears should taped so they stand perfectly vertical.
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      RE: Falling foward

      It is really important to stretch the ear up while you are taping. This prevents the formation of pockets. The other really important thing is to make sure you start with a squeeky clean ear. I have some pictures in my files that I would be willing to share if you think that might help. If you would like me to send them to you, feel free to email me...JO
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