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Alternative to Skin Bond?

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  • Alternative to Skin Bond?

    Hello, I live in Ontario Canada and have been having a hard time trying to locate Skin Bond Glue. Have called so many pharmacies with no luck. The closest product I have been able to find is called "Fryer's Balsam" which is supposed to be a benzoin compound product.
    I have a friend who works at a hospital and she is going to look into trying to find some Skin Bond there if possible but she had an idea I wanted to ask about on this list.
    Would it be ok to use that body sugar wax that the women use to remove hair from their legs with (in place of the skin bond?) You know how you heat up this sugar wax then smooth it on your legs, then apply the cloth and rip it off (and scream!LOL) I wondered if using this would be effective and stick to the puppy's ear and press the popsicle stick to...when removing, just wipe away with warm water??
    Just a thought, I told her I would ask the list and see if anyone else thinks this is feeseable??


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    RE: Alternative to Skin Bond?

    Sounds like the heat from the ears would melt it and it would drip. Plus it's sugar based, so it might encourage bacterial growth. We dont use the bond stuff, we reverse wrap the stabalizer and use the sticky tape to secure it.


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      RE: Alternative to Skin Bond?

      NO - NOT AT ALL, imo anyway.

      really not the same idea at all and would just make a horrific mess. I am surprised a nurse would suggest it. She should be able to know what sort of adhesive they use to attach things to humans at the hospital - that is what skinbond is, does she often attach colostomy bags with sugar wax??

      Pharmacies can usually order it, but Medical Supply shops (where you get crutches, colostomy bags etc sort of things) will stock it. It might have a different name there but certainly they have it.

      The benzoin compound stuff might work to strengthen tape glue (like in the sunnyside farm taping method) but I don't know, never used it.



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        RE: Alternative to Skin Bond?

        The ingredients of Skin-Bond, as listed on the bottle, are hexane, natural rubbers, and fillers. Don't know what hexane is.

        The label decribes the product as a flammable cement. The instructions say to remove Skin-Bond with Uni-Solve or Remove Adhesive Remover. I found it was real important to get the cement and the solvent at the same time in case an ear became partially untaped from playing. (Yes, I learned the hard way!)

        It is manufactured by Smith & Nephew, Inc. Largo, FL 33773.

        The 800 number is 1-800-876-1261. Didn't list a web site.

        If it's not distributed in your country, hopefully this information will be enough for the medical supply house to find the Canadian equivalent. I had much better luck with the medical supply houses than the pharmacies.


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          RE: Alternative to Skin Bond?

          Go to your local hardware store and buy that double-sided tape that is used by college students to put posters on the wall. (It must have some other<G>function, but me I dunno.) It's a foam-style double adhesive tape that you can cut and form to the popsickle sticks or whatever you are using at the brace in the ear. Take the protective plastic off one side. Stick it to the pop. stick. Trim. When ready then take the protective plastic off the other side & firmly press into a clean ear. Then tape. It should stay a week or more. (Get it right the first time, as cannot usually re-set without redoing the whole deal.)


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            RE: Alternative to Skin Bond?

            This sounds wonderful. Does it just sort of "loose it's grip" by the end of the week?


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              RE: Alternative to Skin Bond?

              Yep. I made this up<G>but it's worked grandly for me. (Got tired of all the methods that were a pain<G>. Never had a dog react to the glue or had any other problem.) I use actual tongue depressors which are wider than the pop. sticks. Mine stay up 10-14 days. and then fall off as the tape sticky-stuff is gone by then. So no hair pulling, bleeding, horrid screaming sessions this way.


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                RE: Alternative to Skin Bond?

                I found some of that double sided foam type tape to-day and also got from my Dr. a bunch of tongue depressers too, what I was wondering is do you just use the tongue depresser wrapped with this foam type tape, or do you put a roller or anything at the bottom of the stick where you place it into the bump of the ear? I would much rather give your method a try instead of using the Skin Bond...
                Also how do you know if the puppy needs a brace between his taped ears? Does it just depend on whether he can hold up the stays without them falling over? (my puppy is 12 weeks old, does age make a difference? )




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                  RE: Alternative to Skin Bond?

                  my way of doing it is already in the archives...hate to repeat...but:

                  -----Original Message-----
                  From: <>
                  Subject: TAPING a cropped ear.

                  >FOR MY METHOD of taping a cropped ear YOU NEED:
                  >1) Zonas sport tape
                  >2) green (medium) & later pink (large) sponge hair rollers
                  >3) Tongue Depressors
                  >4) Double sided sticky tape (like you hang posters on the wall with)
                  >5) Cotton Balls or cosmetic squares (like used to remove makeup)
                  >6) Rubbing Alcohol
                  >7) Gold Bond Powder
                  >Okay. First clean out the ears with the alcohol & make sure all former
                  >tape, dirt
                  >etc. gone. You must have a clean and dry ear to tape. Put a little Gold
                  >Bond powder
                  >on the ear where that little "flap" folds back when you tape to avoid
                  > NOW LAY OUT YOUR MATERIALS:
                  > You put a length of double sided tape on one side of two tongue
                  >depressors and trim the ends to the tongue depressor's round shape, but
                  >just slightly longer. You then take two of the sponge rollers, remove
                  >the hard plastic portion (& throw that away). Wrap the sponge roller in
                  >Zonas tape **Sticky SIde OUTWARD* (this takes a bit of practice, an a bit
                  >of pressure--wrap the roller tightly & start with the tape end stuck to
                  >itself to help hold it in place).
                  >You then need two longish pieces of Zonas tape (enough to go more than
                  >twice round the base of the ear), two medium pieces of tape (enought to
                  >go more than tiwce round the top of the ear), two short pieces of tape
                  >(to go over the top of the tongue depressor & the top of the ear), and,
                  >finally, two pieces of tape 6-8" long to make the bridge that goes
                  >between the ears.
                  >Cut and stick the long, medium and short pieces to the edge of a table
                  >where you can reach them as you are taping. Put your wrapped rollers &
                  >tongue depressors nearby.
                  >Take the 2 tape pieces for the bridge & stick JUST the center inch
                  >together & then wrap all four free ends in a loop back on themselves and
                  >set that aside, as it is the LAST thing to go on the ears. Take a tiny
                  >piece of cotton ball and stick it to one end of each of the tongue
                  >depressors (to cushion the ear at the base where the "bumps" in the inner
                  >ear are). Take the short pieces of tape and stick them to the tongue
                  >depressor at the opposite end, leave a flap & just stick half down to the
                  >portion where you can see the wood of the tongue depressor.
                  >NOW YOU ARE READY TO TAPE:
                  >*(Someone must keep the pup still during this procedure if not trained to
                  >sit quietly.)*
                  > Take one ear by the tip in your hand & pull directly up into desired
                  >position. Take off the protective covering on the backside of the
                  >double-sided tape which is secured to your tongue depressor, being
                  >careful not to let that little flap of Zonas tape stick to the
                  >double-sided tape. PLace the end with the protective bit of cotton
                  >directly on top of that little "bump" in the ear dane people call the
                  >"knobby" (the first obvious sort of "shelf" that is a convolution of the
                  >ear on the inside. Stick the double sided tape firmly to the inside of
                  >the ear & secure the top flap over and onto the back (hairy side towards
                  >the center of the head) of the ear. (Depressor will and should extend
                  >beyond the end of the ear.)
                  >Ear MUST be held straight up and "tight" while doing this to avoid
                  >DO NOT LET GO! Pick up the sticky-side out tape-covered roller & place in
                  >ear, just below and overlapping the bottom of the depressor. Holding
                  >these two things in place, pick up the long piece of tape & wrap the
                  >bottom of the ear. NOW! YOU MUST wrap by sticking the tape to the roller
                  >& going toward the inside of the ear from the front, so that that little
                  >bit of ear "flap" folds back and to the rest of the ear, not out and into
                  >the inside.
                  >(I put a little Gold Bond powder between the layers so this tight wrap
                  >won't cause a sore.) Wrap FIRMLY and smoothly around back and to the
                  >front & once around again, covering the sticky tape on the roller &
                  >securing the base of the ear. Then take the medium piece of tape and do
                  >the same horizonal wrap as the tip of the ear and depressor. The ear
                  >should now be firmly secured. Repeat for the other ear.
                  >THE BRIDGE is the final step & a very important one. It takes a little
                  >practice to get it right. You have the center of the tape stuck together
                  >& four free ends. Wrap one side firmly around the base of the ear, where
                  >you already have tape, centering the tape in the center of the ear on the
                  >side between the ears, with the loose ends, one at a time, wrapped around
                  >the tape surrounding the sponge. Repeat on the other side, being careful
                  >to only attatch the bridge when the ears are both held properly upright
                  >to make sure you are bridging them into the position you want the ears to
                  >be held in.
                  >This should last 1-2 weeks if properly secured. If they do not fall
                  >off/become loose before 14 days and/or there are sores, or a smell, take
                  >the whole thing down (by carefully cutting it away). Rest the ear for at
                  >least a few hours, but do NOT let the ears flop around for any amount of
                  >time (or all your hard work is going to waste). When in doubt retape &
                  >keep taped. When you think the ears are 'up' tape for a month after
                  >Tape the first weekend you show, or at least bring stuff to tape with, as
                  >many ears break down under stress. Most danes will have to be tape until
                  >they are about 9 months old. Some come up early, but fawns seem more
                  >lucky this way than harls.
                  >Harls, esp. big males & harls with white ears, can remain in taped even
                  >at 18 months.
                  >If a dog isn't up by then, you will probably have to talk to a vet about
                  >recropping him.
                  >regards, jp & the chroma crew
                  > CHROMADANE
                  > *multi-titled/certified harlequin family danes*
                  >_________________________________________________ _______________


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                    RE: Alternative to Skin Bond?

                    We have been using foam pipe insulation and rubber cement. The rubber cement will not stick as long as Skin Bond but will last as long as a week. If it lasts less then that we have just reglued but left the tape on.


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                      RE: Alternative to Skin Bond?

                      >The ingredients of Skin-Bond, as listed on the bottle, are
                      >hexane, natural rubbers, and fillers. Don't know what
                      >hexane is.

                      Hexane is related to gasoline which is octane (it's more than a rating). Gasoline contains other compounds too though. Hexane has six carbon atoms in it's molecule and octane has eight carbon atoms. None of this really means much except that hexane is a flamable solvent. Skin bond is usually used for colostomy patients as has been mentioned. I've heard that WalMart is a good place to buy it as they sell it cheaper than most.

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