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Feeling Dumb about Taping..

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  • Feeling Dumb about Taping..

    Boy I feel dumb after posting to the list asking questions about styrafoam cup taping of the ears. Little did I know that this method was only used while the ears were healing from the actual cropping surgery. Here I had thought this is how I could go about taping my Gunther's ears till hopefully they stood erect!
    (Just out of curiousity why couldn't one use the cup method to tape the ears?? A vet suggested to me that this method is suitable?)
    Thanks to all the info I got regarding this and hubby and I just did our first official proper taping tonight. We decided to try the tampon method I discovered from someone else on this list. I also have come across other methods from the list but thought we will give a few methods a try to see what works best for us and Gunther..We found taping is not the greatest way to "bond" with your puppy, but we will persue it and hopefully one day I can report we have stand up perfect ears!
    Thanks for all the wonderful help.


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    RE: Feeling Dumb about Taping..

    GOOD LUCK BARB, and don't get discouraged. Maybe you will have the same luck we had with our Zoey. Only a few tapings and they were up, haven't had to tape in over a month or two!!

    Mandi & the stooges


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      RE: Feeling Dumb about Taping..

      Our puppy doesn't mind the tapings. We lay him down on the floor to do it. I've had to learn to take in this odd position, but he just relaxes. Then I flip him over and do the other side. The only part he dislikes is the very end of the tape removal. For some reason his tips always seem to have trouble letting go of the tape. Our vet suggested the pup needed to be sitting straight forward, but as there is only one of me most times, this is the best way I've found.


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        RE: Feeling Dumb about Taping..

        Problem with continuing with the crown/hat method is ears don't have a chance to strengthen muscles with movement and you risk them pocketing or being pulled the wrong way (and is more cumbersome for puppy)

        IMO if someone suggests a method or treatment that few use with success - have them show you their examples of success. If the vet has a bunch of danes with nice finished crops that were continued on the crown method, then I guess he's right. Otherwise it's a big risk of little merit when the alternative has been proven successful.