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    Being a new Dane mom, I find this ear-taping to be "quite a challange" to say the least. Dear hubby though is pitching right in to help and we have discovered that it is less traumatic on us and Gunther to use the styrafoam cups for taping his ears. He is quite "energetic" when playing and in his crate and when we got him last week the breeder used popsicle sticks. He had those out in short time though. We have just removed his cup-taping to-day and was wondering how long do we let his ears rest before re-taping again? They will stand up to about 1/2 up from his head then they flop on top of his head most of the time. He was outside playing and I did observe him holding them up a bit.
    Another thing we did not use "skinbond" on the cup then stick his ears to the cup, rather hubby pulled his ears up tall and I firmly but not too tight wrapped the tape around the tip, the middle and the base of the cup. Is it necessary to use this bonding stuff??

    I sure hope this list dosen't limit the amount of questions, since we got Gunther last week I have been asking a lot!!

    Thanks again


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    RE: New at eartaping...

    The cup is used to hold the ears while they heal from surgery. You need to start taping them now. I think the longer they remain untaped, the longer it will be before they stand - definitely no longer than several hours. Leave them down too long, and the ear cartilage will "break" and you have problem ears. Be prepared to tape for up to a year! There are old threads to this topic. Some use the bond, some pipe insulation, it really just depends on what you and the pup feel comfortable with. We personally use the complete ear taping method, using foam pipe insulation as support. We wrap it sticky-side out, stick it in the ear, and wrap the ear gently. Bridge only for the first one or two tapings. All the bonding and open-ear methods came off in about 2 hours, so we went with this. Good luck. Watch the pups ears. If wrapped to tightly, they will form blisters and eventually sores, as blood wont get to the tissue.


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      RE: New at eartaping...

      We used a very similar method to what Jenn described. We also were told to wash throroughly (inside and out), use a little medicated powder in the fold if necessary, and retape when ears are completely dry...same day.

      When you do tape, pull the ears up and then slightly away from the head while taping. As Jenn mentioned, watch the ears. If you see swelling, the tape is too tight! And make sure that you are taping in the right direction :-)

      Good luck...the way I remember was harder for us as "uncoordinated-all-thumbs" humans than it was on the pup :-)