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Recent ear crop/ ears are infected and raw, help!!

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  • Recent ear crop/ ears are infected and raw, help!!

    My pups ears were cropped 2 weeks ago by a well known vet. Last week when we took the posts off and he had an ear infection and vet put him on antibiotics. When he was taken back today for a retape and stitch removal, the edges of the ears are very infected and raw. We are letting them rest for a day but I am a little uncomfortable taping and wrapping them in this condition for fear they will get infected again. He is still on the antibiotics. Could he be having a bad reaction to the adhesive or the tape??? Any suggestions on what to do next?

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    The cut edges should never have been covered/taped until they were healed.. They need to let heal and dry before taping them.. There should be some good ideas for you on the cropping threads here on the forum. I also suggest checking with Dane Clubs nearest you for their assistance... Check out care of cropped ears.
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      Tape the ears over the head until the edges are healed. Then post them. You should not be posting ears until the incisions are healed. Otherwise it can't breath and you just encourage infection.
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