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    Ellie has a smallish yard where she spends most of her day, and does all of her outside "business". Big dog in a small yard means daily poop scooping. Usually we put her inside because she will "help" and stomp through what I'm trying to collect.

    Well yesterday I was cleaning up and she was bouncing around being a wild child and she attempted to steal my plastic grocery sack full of poo. She runs up and grabs the handle, then immediately hops backwards four or five feet barking and sneezing the whole time. Then she just sat down and looked at me with her head tilted like "Mom, why do you have a bag full of s**t?" I don't know that I've ever laughed so hard!
    Mom to:
    Ellie: 3.29.15 Blue GD 34" 135lbs
    Solo: 10yr. Chiweenie (rescue)
    Layla: 3yr Terrier Mix (rescue)

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    Hahaha, that's hilarious! What a goofy girl.

    I'm often very happy there aren't cameras recording my entire life, but every once in a while I kind of wish there were. A video of that would be priceless