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Officially a Star Puppy - BRAG ALERT

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  • Officially a Star Puppy - BRAG ALERT

    Where did my dog go (bouncy not listening without correction pawing and trying to play with all the other dogs/people)? Duke did so well on the official exam I didn't recognize him. How did the examiner not get pawed when greeting me?!?! Who was that black puppy on the end of the leash not sniffing and licking the face off, the person looking at his feet?!?

    To add to it, we had end of training competitions, who was that dog that downed (mid walk and in heel) and halted (sit in heel) the quickest, and came (recall) despite me overly saturating the area with treats just to show off (all the other dogs got eliminated as the treats got closer... and then when it was down to two of us we switched the training kibble treats with hot dogs and cheese I had)... THAT GUY in my siggy picture. I am so proud of him.

    Best advice I got with this bout' of training, treat people, and other dogs like the 'treats' used during 'leave it' which he is awesome at. Second best thing I learned 'leave it' means you are never going to get it, 'wait' should be used if you can't have it NOW. I knew this, but had to have someone point it out to me that I was somewhat using them interchangeably. Lastly, 'stand' is way harder of a command to teach than you would think If you are looking for a fun weird command teach 'stand'.

    We haven't been on the board much with work, college, and training, but wanted to Brag to someone

    I have some work travel coming up, but can't decide (knowing we will miss classes) whether to do Rally or more obediance training next...

    Conformation classes went really well, Duke has an ever so slight mid back hump that we are constantly battling with (lols, if I try to get him to relax his back 50% of the time he goes in to a stretch , although I think I have it down where if I touch just behind the elbows on his belly and then the back he seems to flatten out really nicely), I think it is from all our hardwood and it being so cold and nasty out we havn't been getting out as much as we should. Also, totally loving our hogan show lead/collar!! (will try to get some pictures uploaded, my phone apparently takes really good pics which means the files are huge and even photobucket has been - ing out on me)
    Duke - 5/13/14

    Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
    - Albert Einstein

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    I was wondering where you've been! Congrats to Duke for his achievements - keep up the good work - I can't wait till we get back into obedience and hopefully more this summer.

    Edited to add - thanks for the awesome "leave it" vs "wait" command advice - what a great distinction!
    -Lisa (Zoomer's mom)