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    You most likely have seen a "Supporting Member" tag below some member’s avatar. This is an indicator that they have supported DOL, by way of a donation. If you would like to support DOL and all that it offers, please click on the UserCP link at the top left of the Forum. Once in your UserCP section look for "Paid Subscriptions" in the Miscellaneous section. Donations are a one-time $20. You have the option of donating via PayPal or credit card. If you prefer to make payment via a personal check, please email for mailing details, etc.

    All monies collected via the Forum/Affiliate/Associate membership go directly to aid Great Dane Rescue.

    Thank you for your support.
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    Supporting Member Question

    Hi, Paul:
    I am not clear about finding the
    Miscellaneous area in the control panel. I find the Miscellaneous Forum there, and then do a search for paid subscriptions, but the search comes up empty. I'd like to contribute. Let me know where I am messing up.
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      Click: User Control Panel (top blue bar menu on Right)
      Scroll down to Misc on right side menu and "paid subscription" should be visible to you.
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        Different problem....

        Thanks! I found it. Still a problem though. I have a paypal account, but the form for transacting seems to not recognize me, even though I did change the country to USA. So, I then tried 2 different credit cards, but both give this error message:
        "The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number."
        Sorry to be high maintanence!
        Can I do it through the "Donate" link at the top of the page? That one seems to work for me.
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        I love my lap dogs!
        My Dane slideshow here:


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          poor baby

          My beautiful 6 and 1/2 year old dane has a swollen right hock joint, very hot and she will not put weight on her leg. I am taking her to the vet today, but wondered if any one has experienced this sort of thing.


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            deleted; irrelevent to topic
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              I paid but

              there was no opportunity in Paypal to let you know who I was. I don't want to post details here but if you can't figure out that I paid let me know.

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                Help with dealing with difference in age of Danes

                Hello everyone,
                My husband and I have had Danes since the 80's. Normally one male and one female usually 6 months apart in age. Currently we have a male 27 months and a female 15 months. Problem being the male was diagnosed within 10 days of coming home with hod. He has had health problems off and on ever since. He is the sweetest soul ever. He however is like a 5 year old Dane at 27 months. The 15 month old was brought home after the ortho released the male for a companion not ever foreseeing never ending health issues. The 15 month old is a typical Dane at this age. Extremely playful and into everything. I have to keep them separated due to she jumps all over him. He falls easily and gets hurt. They are only in the yard together monitored at all times. Same in doors. I am a stay at homemaker feeling torn for these babies are not getting what they need. Any ideas would be helpful


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                  Parker loose stool

                  He was tested when he was about 12 Wks old and their were no parasites. Can you give me any suggestions of a kibble for sensitive stomach's? I may be feeding him too much. I am going by the feeding guidelines on the bag. Some have said that the bag amount's are inflated alittle to sell more. Not quite sure about that tho. He is right on with his height and weight for a early six month old little boy . Any suggestions will be appreciated.