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  • goodbye Fuzzy

    Fuzzy wuzshe april 5th 2004 to September 4th 2016.

    Its been 3 months and I still miss her so much it hurts.

    Fuzzy I may have found you at the humane society but you rescued me.

    I miss you,
    Yes even your loud fart.
    your snoring too
    your absence is breaking my heart

    every morning and every night
    I reach out in the darkness to where you should be
    hoping to feel your soft head
    wishing It was you I could see
    needing you with me next to or on the bed

    you keep me up very late
    how can I sleep ,I just start to cry
    because your not here
    to sniff and rub my tears dry
    nuzzle your wet nose into my ear

    In the living room
    when its just me.
    its too quiet without you
    no soft breathing gentle and hard to see
    just lonelyness , it would be all black if it weren't for being blue.

    you were right all those years ago
    you tried to say
    you really were a big lap dog
    it wasn't just play
    now all that warmth is lost in memories fog

    gave Boo a bath today
    same place we use to go with you
    wash your face , your large but cute paws
    everything reminds me of you , even the smell of the shampoo
    started to hurt again, my heart seemed to pause

    I know your all better now
    no more coughs, no more pain
    but i miss you more than you could know
    Though i'll see you some day again
    with out you it feels like being lost in snow.
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    I'm sorry for your loss, she was a beautiful girl.
    ~Kelsey, mom to~
    Kumah-merle Great Dane 4 years
    Nala-fawn Great Dane 2 months
    Cece- Calico 4 years
    Sammy- Black Domestic Long Hair 3 years
    Tyke- 4 months


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      I'm so sorry, she was such a pretty girl.


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        So sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful girl who lived a wonderfully long life.
        Willow and Liv


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          So sorry for your loss.
          Missing Mira (7/15/03-12/17/13)


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            She's lovely. I am so sorry.
            ~ Lisa & Rupert


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              thank you for all .
              Although I rescued Fuzzy my wife managed to track down where she came from. We were able to have her spend the day with her mom many years ago.
              The breeder/ family have been very kind and let me spend time with a few of her nieces and her younger sister. It's not the same but at least it helps for a day. I know I did everything I could for Her , just wish there was more.
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                Sorry for your loss.... Best wishes
                Xerxes Knight GD (April 29 2016 - present)
                Hannibal Knight GD (July 15 2003 - Nov 5 2015)


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                  So sorry for your loss - you were lucky to have each other


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                    There are no words to help ease the pain. The only hope is that you'll be together on the other side of the bridge. I'm counting on that for myself. Hang in there. It gets better........with time.


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                      so very sorry for your loss.


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                        Hate to hear of your loss just last week my daughter had to have her dog put to sleep. She called and wanted me there she was loved by us All . But she's gone now and it was a horrible situation . And horrible to watch I had never see anything I had loved so much die before. But it was just her time to go. She had had a front leg amputated several months Ago. Tonight she runs free on four legs now .Sometimes that is the greatest gift you can give your dog . You can't do it for elders though.