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My boy Deaglan

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  • My boy Deaglan

    This is the memorial that I published to friends and family on the sad passing of Deaglan.

    Feb 26, 2016

    "For all of you that loved him too.

    Deaglan :

    My good lad, my heart-dog, my most faithful Druid dog
    May all the hounds of the house of Donn raise their noses and hackles when you are escorted to the feast table
    May they sing the song of welcome at the arrival of your beautiful spirit
    May they seat you on the softest bed and feed you the best cuts
    May they understand that they now have the best dog in their midst and may they see that you carry a piece of my heart with you
    May Donn pat your sweet head and remind you of my love for you
    Do not wander too far from the bridge my boy as I will surely search for you when it is my turn

    Deaglan was laid to rest on this morning (Feb 26, 2016)in the comfort of his mommy’s arms. He is truly loved and will be missed beyond measure."

    Kiizhik-LabXRotti (1999-2012) R.I.P. baby girl.
    Gimaakwe-LabX (2004-
    Deaglan-Dane (May 2008-Feb 26, 2016) RIP My Sweet Boy.
    Jadzia-Dane (2010-
    Gallagher-Irish Wolfhound (Dec 4, 2016-

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    Beautiful. So sorry.
    ~ Lisa & Rupert


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      Such a regal looking boy in that pic.

      I'm so sorry for your loss.


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        Aww so sorry for your loss


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          So sorry for your loss. I'm sure Deaglan is having a blast up at the Rainbow Bridge.
          Willow and Liv


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            beautiful memorial to a beautiful soul. i'm so very sorry for your loss.