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  • Missing Mira

    Two years ago tonight we lost our Mira to pneumonia at almost 10 1/2. I was too shattered to tell the folks on DOL about it. Mira was the most thoughtful, polite and gracious dog I have ever known. For example, if you put something down in front of her, she'd look up at you for a moment to ask if it was for her and it was every bit as clear as speech. After 10 years with us, she was very, very good at communicating (or maybe I just got better at reading it- probably some of both). She was pretty pampered from puppyhood and was always calmly optimistic that good things would be coming her way, but never showed any unattractive sense of entitlement - she always seemed grateful for the good things. I was thinking today about the look on her face after dinner on her last Thanksgiving. I cooked a whole steak just for her and served it Roman-style on her bed in front of the living room fire. She looked up after eating and her face said "that was wonderful" and "thank you", mixed with a little "can we do that again?". I wish so much we could do it again... I remain, as always, missing Mira
    Missing Mira (7/15/03-12/17/13)

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    Mira was a beauty - so sorry for your loss. You are so lucky to have had a wonderful Dane like her in your life. ❤️
    -Lisa (Zoomer's mom)