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I lost my best friend yesterday. Rip Bonnie

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  • I lost my best friend yesterday. Rip Bonnie

    image.jpgThis is my first post here I've always just lurked.
    4 1/2 years ago my husband and I adopted a 4-5 year old merlaquin. She was used in a puppy mill and was beat, skinny, Scared, scarred and angry.... Her name was Bonnie. As soon as I met her I knew we were meant to be. We took her home and slowly she started trusting us. It was probably a good month before she didn't try to bite my husbands face off, she was so scared of men. Over the next few months we became inseparable, not long after she started showing signs of hip dysiplasia and arthritis so we took her in and got her fixed. Changed all the dog beds to tempurpedic ( of course she always used the couch or our bed though)and over the next few years we had the most Beautiful bond. I remember when I had surgery she went out once in the morning and then refused to leave my side for the rest of the day/night for 9 days she payed withing 2 feet of me.
    About 2 years ago when she was 6-7 we had the most frightening Dane experience, GDV. We rushed her to an animal hospital where they said her chances are slim, but even win all her misery she said she wasn't done, so she had her surgery lost her spleen not only made it, but made it well. We moved a mattress downstairs for the following 2 weeks so we could sleep with her, she eventually made it through the recovery. My angel had so much fight !!

    Well the years have gone on and her mobility had been steadily declining l. Luckily we just moved to Las Vegas where there are vets a plentiful and close. We got her chiropractic, laser, and deep tissue massage 3x a week, she hates going but she felt so much better after. But even with all of that she kept declining, she couldn't stand on her own, she was peeling herself more often than not , so we'd help her everywhere with everything and she was happy as long as we were all together.... she never lost interest in dinner time though

    Saturday morning she had diarrhea on her bed and all over her. We took her out side and cleaned her up and brought her back and put garbage bags under her on the couch just in case. She was ok that day but for the first time didn't want dinner. My husband and I went out that night got home about 1030 and she standing up howling as she always did to greet us. We noticed more diarrhea on the carpet and cleaned it and laid her back down. We decided to sleep down stairs that night to be close to her and not make her go up the stairs. At 1 am my husband heard her ....poo. But it wasn't poo it was blood and lots of it. He woke me and we frantically cleaned her and Googled and then she did it again but so much more. So we had her transported to a local ER.
    They got there before us and took her back the vet came in and bowed his head. He said she has lost a lot of blood. The atrophy In her legs was substantial and she wasn't in a good place. He said he could try to stop the bleeding but with a 9 year old Dane her chances are slim and the chances of what caused it was something very bad.
    My husband and I had said the next time something big happens we will let her go, the last year of her life she could hardly move. We went back to say goodbye and she just laying there, calm and peaceful she looked at me and I kissed her face and she just closed her eyes like, I'm ready. So we did. It has been the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. I keep second guessing that decision . He said if w did try to stop the bleeding she would need to be there for a few days to be monitored then we'd need to put her under to find out what hat caused the bleeding but that seemed so cruel to do to her?. I loved her so much and I hope she's not mad and I hope we did the right thing. She truly was my best friend, my whole world.... I feel so broken.
    Rest in paradise my angel

    Rest in paradise, you will forever be missed
    Our angel Bonnie!! 2007-11/29/15
    Shrimp 2/6/2016

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    It always seems like it might be the wrong thing. I struggled with this decision for my last Dane and I read something that said "better to do it a week too early than a day too late." That helped me feel better that I was making the right decision. It doesn't make it any less heart- breaking though.


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      So very sorry for your loss! Sounds like you gave her the amazing life she deserved. I'm sure she knew that she was loved greatly and knew you made the right decision for her. We've all been there and feel your pain. Take care.


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        You did a truly compassionate thing and let her go for her and didn't try to make her stay for you. It's never easy and everyone always says what if, but you made the right choice out of love.