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  • Poppy

    Poppy Ariel Thunderpaws Pan passed away yesterday from excessive internal bleeding due to a ruptured tumor
    around her spleen.

    My profile pic is still of her when she was a little baby girl. Iím a long-time lurker, so had not ever thought of changing that pic.. seeing that pic brings back so many memories.

    Since then, weíve brought another Great Dane (unrelated lineage, but from the same breeder) into our lives. We had many good years together as a small family of four (two parents and two girls) and Cheska Belle Thunderpws Pan passed away in 2019, leaving Poppy and us parents behind.

    Now itís just us two parents left.

    Just logged on for the first time in many months (last was to learn about shipping poppy overseas to Singapore during covid, which was successful) and I just found this thread. So sad to see the profile pics of so many dogs, whose owners Iíve followed and read posts from even before I got poppy.

    Darkly, i feel solace in the fact that im not alone in grieving, but am saddened by the loss of all these beautiful, expressive, magnetic dogs.

    my beautiful blue-eyed babe