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  • Hank

    We lost Hank, our second Dane, yesterday morning. He had a thumper marble size tumor come up on his lower jaw seemingly overnight. He was playing with a toy and stopped and started licking his leg. My wife asked if that was blood on his leg, I looked and it was. He would get little bumps on the bottom of his jowls that would occasionally pop and bleed. I thought it was one of those. As I got closer I noticed blood dripping. When I looked in his mouth I found the big lump protruding from under his teeth on his front left side. When the bleeding wouldnít stop we took him to the emergency vet.

    The nice vet lady looked like she was going to cry when she looked at him. She stated it was almost certainly cancer. She said it would be best to go to our regular vet in the morning and they could do tests if they thought it was necessary. We put a lot of blankets on the kitchen floor and put up chairs to keep him there. We woke up and it was like a war movie in t he kitchen.

    We were first in line at the vet and knew we had a decision to make. The vet looked at him and the mass was attached to his jawbone. We talked for a while and decided his quality of life would not be good if we tried to do anything. There were just no good options which where this was. We held on to him and rubbed his big ears as they gave him the shots.

    He was an awesome Dane and gave the breed a great name. Hank was a rock star everywhere he went. People wanted their picture with him and everyone else would point and ask questions.

    This was double hard as we just had to put our 14 year old boxer down in January. The house it too quiet now. We have been blessed with 4 great dogs during our life together. I donít think we can handle another one for a while after losing 2 so close together.

    Grissom the boxer hose me as his person and Hank chose my wife. It is amazing how they can pick a person and follow them everywhere they go. Lisa couldnít leave the room without him getting off the couch to follow her. Grissom would just raise his head and put it back down.

    while cleaning up Hanks items today it brought tears to my eyes again. It all happened so fast it is still hard to fathom he didnít come out to great me when I came home today. He took over those duties after Grissom wasnít here to do it anymore.

    He was well loved and will be terribly missed. Grissom and Hank are back together playing in heaven waiting for us to come rub their ears again and give them cookies!
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    Very sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Hank and Grissom.


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      So sorry for your loss...
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