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    My husband did get him from another soldier who had paid for him and didn;t keep him. After doing research and reading alot of information about him on this site, I googled Great dane breeders and opened the proverbial can of worms with them so to speak. I wanted to know about his health and everythinh with all that I read here.

    I found them online and asked all of the questions I could ask. They then asked me to send a picture and see if he was from them--I saw on their site that there was a female white who was the spitting image of Dova.
    In turn they asked me to sign a contract--at this point, I do live 6 hours from my husband (and still do until next month) and they are near the base. I put it off for awhile since life was crazy-they then pushed the issue and my husband and I went with Dova. They gave us a contract and added on that they wanted a breeding....I am new to all of this though I assure you I am an educated professional who was planning to neuter him at that point ( this was June). IS there a legal recourse to this? Because I am all ears...I am not a BYB or someone who wants to perpetuate that trust me. I also don't need to get sued or have them harassing me since they do have my contact information and address.

    They do offer health guarantees though they aren't as comprehensive as I hear from legit breeders. I love my dog and have invested much time and energy into him--training, dog walking, dog daycare, vet visits for all he has needed.

    I came on here to learn and I would love to hear other's thoughts. But please I ask of you not to jump to the conclusion I am making up stories or want my dog bred ok? But I also don't wnat to lose my baby at this point either. I am all ears here because frankly I didn't love the "breeders" he came from or what I think they do.

    So help is being asked for because i am curious...has anyone else hit this situation? The contract does say that ownership can't be transferred and this original person just gave him away with no notice to these "breeders". I am the one who opened the can of worms out of concern for all the stuff I read on here.


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      I have posted an answer above to the breeding question and welcome your feedback.