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4 month old Great Dane far too HEAVY HANDED

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  • 4 month old Great Dane far too HEAVY HANDED

    Hellooooo, I have a 15 week old Great Dane pup called BROOK,
    I also have a mini jack russel, brook is far too heavy handed and hurts the jack all the time and us to be honest, she is so heavy handed, she jumps am leaps and pounces, the jack lives to play with her but I no she hurts her without realising, they don't no there own strength do they, any ideas on how to calm her abit, she mainly hurts with the way she stretches her poor out an hits you in face with em haha,

    Any advice thanks

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    I'm not an expert on training by any means but i have read in here several people will teach their dogs to lay down to play with smaller dogs. You could try working on that. I know its not easy with all that crazy puppy energy! another thing you can work on is 4 on the floor... Keep all four feet on the floor to avoid those infamous great Dane punches... I would recommend not teaching shake or give me your paw at this point as it could lead to further boxing matches... Hopefully someone will chime in with more/better techniques.
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      I has consistently read that owners with danes and small dogs train their Danes to play while laying on the floor.
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        Haha it's funny to here it's not just mine that punches you in face . And her claws ouchhhhh ok thanks guys


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          How do you know the dane is hurting the jack? Has the jack acted like she's hurt? Honestly, unless things are really out of control, I've always let the other dogs school the puppies on proper play. That is normally how puppies learn, from other dogs. If the jack is scared of Brook, and how she is playing, then I would step in and teach Brook proper play myself, whether that be when laying down or some other method. But if the jack does not have an issue with how she is playing, and actually initiates it sometimes, then I don't have a problem with it. Jack russells are very sturdy as far as small dogs go and I would think she would be able to hold her own quite well against a dane puppy, and let her know if she's being too rough, imo. Obviously one would need to make sure that as Brook grows, her playstyle is not also growing more "aggressive".

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            A bigger dog will handicap themselves, AKA lay on the floor, to play with a smaller dog. Your GD is still little, growing quickly, and may not be aware of her size yet.

            When Macho was ~2-3 mo he used to play with my neighbor's pug. Totally rough play, and the pug just kicked his butt. Around 4 mo, Macho was bigger and too big for that style of play (the pug's entire head could fit in his mouth). So, we separated them. He didn't understand he was bigger now and that type of play could hurt his friend.

            I worked on him laying down with smaller dogs (mainly b/c smaller dog owners threw hissy fits at me from 10 ft away). Eventually he started doing it on his own.
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              Teach her to lay down to greet small dogs. It isnt to early to teach her now. If she doesnt lay down, she doesnt play.

              I have Parson Russels and they are pretty tough little dogs. Deacon lays down to play with Kimmie and when she gets to be too much he just gets up and leaves.

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                I have a "grand" Min Pin..When Piper (now 2) was a puppy my son and DIL would bring their Min Pin over to visit and play...Piper would like any normal pup play rough...Little Cocoa quickly taught her "doggie manners"...Piper soon learned how to play appropriately with smaller dogs.. She plays well with our GSP's too.

                Unless someone is really getting hurt or bullied it is best to let the older dog teach the pup appropriate play manners.

                Piper is a very paws on type more so then most other Danes I've owned, we simply taught he "no paw" when she would try to use her paws when it came to people.
                An obedience class would be an invaluable tool for you and for your puppy.
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