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Time to crate again?

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  • Time to crate again?

    Gunner is 19 months old and has been out the crate for about 3 months now. He gets walks everyday if the weather permits and is gated in the kitchen when we are not home. The past couple of weeks we have been finding things chewed. The damaged has increased to a destroyed window sill. He seemed mature enough to at least have the space in the kitchen. Now I think we may have to assemble the crate again. We have another dane that can have the space in the rest of the 1st floor.We keep them separate when we are not home because together they would get too crazy. Bella is almost 4 yrs old and is fine in her space. I just we don't have to crate Gunner permanatly. Anyone else have these issues ?

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    He is still a baby. Set up his crate. Make sure he is getting plen of excercise including off leash romping and running.


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      Thank you, I was hoping his chewing was a sign that he was still a baby and not something else. He does get to run around in our fenced in backyard also. I guess the crate gets set up again. It is sooo big, I was enjoying having the space back but don't want my house destroyed. Just don't know when you know they are ready for the freedom.


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        Humm...Hopefully he will grow out of it.

        Many of my Danes have had a weird chewing episode in adulthood. Murphy was 5 and visiting my mom's house with me...he gnawed one corner of a dining chair.

        Tycho was 2 years old for his first and last chewing episode (one hopes) when he chewed up the wood frame of the glass patio door - while I was standing 10 feet away and didn't register foe a few minutes what "that sound" was :-)

        ...and Emma was 3 years old when she gnawed on a dresser leg.

        ...weird dogs:-) but I love 'em
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          We had the same issue a few months ago. Fen was perfect in the house on his own. Had access to everything. Until I came home from the gym one day and he had eaten the column in our foyer. The scary part was that the wood he pulled down had 2 inch nails in it. I was happy he didn't get hurt but for now the cage is back up. We call it his condo. It's for their safety and our homes