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definitely NOT how you deal with food aggression.

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    I don't think he handled the dog well, and I knew people who had aggressive dogs and I had a food aggressive dog when I was small, it's called parental control.
    A child should never be around a dog alone. And holly was only food aggressive at very close range, easy to control.
    But it would depend on how social family was, if lots of small children would around and how well they watch the kids.
    Back in the day people didn't mess with a dogs food, kids were taught to leave a eatting dog alone.
    My dog was so food aggressive he wouldnt let you in the yard if he thought he had food, oddly enough he stopped being aggressive on his own.
    Most food aggression can be cured with training such as 'leave it' and rewards.
    If a dog learns you are a source of food and not a threat he is less likely to go back to guarding his chow.


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      CM is not worth the air time. All he is doing is reinforcing bad behavior in the dog, as now they have to be bullied. I refuse to give this jerk one second of air time. He deserved to be bitten.


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        I believe Cesar started out with all the right intentions of being a successful and compassionate dog trainer; but unfortunately got so caught up in his show's hype, he lost sight of why he chose that career path in the first place. It's interesting to think about how much this line of work truly meant to him in the beginning, then to see how he applies his now cocky techniques that endanger the very dogs he is supposed to help.

        Keep in mind that this is a man who was born and raised in Mexico and illegally came to the US at 21 years of age with literally nothing to his name but a dream to be one of the world's best dog trainers. He worked hard to attain his current status from the bottom up. To me, that speaks volumes about a person. What really trumps that accomplishment for him is how he has been exploiting these animals for entertainment purposes.

        He knows an exciting and dramatic performance will keep the ratings up, his television show on air, and his books sales in outrageous numbers. He's no dummy about that. While I believe he first endeavored in all of this with all the right intentions, I also wholeheartedly believe that his fame and fortune has corrupted him. It's truly a shame.

        Now I was never a CM fan in the first place, but after watching this video, I was really sickened. Like other members have said, all he really seemed to succeed with in this was to condemn a perfectly sane dog to a lifetime with a nationally publicized bite history and an aggressive label. Not that I know how CM's training techniques were years ago, I still can't help but wonder if he would've handled this situation much differently back then.

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          Just wanted to share this version because it is a really good breakdown of Holly’s body language. Poor girl... she tried so hard only to be ignored

          [ame=""]Show down with Holly slow motion - YouTube[/ame]
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            I like that video minus the weird background noise I can't stand CM and it truly shocks me to read that people implement his "training" methods at home and then recommend them to complete strangers (DOL Facebook page).