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10m, question about crating.

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  • 10m, question about crating.

    Stone is in a colossal crate at this point, and was actually starting to like it, but now he hates the crate and will do anything to avoid it. He spends 90% of his day out, so I don't think it's a matter of over-crating. We only require him to be there when the baby naps and at night. How can we start to reverse this and get him to like it? It's out in the kitchen and he can see/hear all the activity, but he just seems to hate it no matter what we try.

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    What kinds of things does he get when he has to be in there? Treats, toys, kongs, etc.? I'm wondering if having him in the crate where he can see you is contributing to the problem. Maybe I'm putting too much human emotion into it, but I'm thinking he's probably saying "Wait a're over there, I see you, but I'm stuck in here...this is BS."
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      He has his blankets and a couple toys in there, and his blankets - he's a bed eater, so he now has several blankets. He prefers to nap on the rug in the living room, and I really think that not having his "spot" available is getting to him.

      I've heard different views on this whole "where to put the crate" issue, and I'm really confused. My trainer says to put it in the living area where he can see us, some people have them in a spare bedroom, some people keep them in the quietest part of the house, etc. WHERE is the best place for his crate? Our trainer says that he needs to be with the pack as much as possible, but I think your reasoning is totally correct too. Moving the CC is a HUGE pain, but I want Stone to be happy when he does have to be in it.


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        Having a dog in a crate where they can see you has never worked at our house. They always whine and bang the crate bottom (ever so slightly, just enough to makes some noise and show their displeasure) with their toes.

        Giving some high value treats ONLY when it's crate time might help too.
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          The only place in our townhome we can comfortably put Capone's colossal crate is in our kitchen's breakfast nook by the backdoor... he will act a little pissy if he sees what we are in the living room without him. I bought a navy blue king sized sheet and covered three sides of his kennel, leaving the door side open, and it really made a big difference after a couple of weeks. Now he has grown to like his pup cage quite a bit more.


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            When you tell him to go into the crate, give him a high-quality treat EVERY time. This helps develop/reinforce a positive association with the crate.

            If he is in the crate and whines, do not let him out. Letting him out if he is whining reinforces: whining = getting out.

            You mentioned you had blankets for sleeping. I also like to keep the crate covered sans the door. So it is effectively like a den. I use towels and sports blankets (gotta represent). In this setup, I also had a blackout curtain behind the back of the crate, as the CC was against a window.

            You may want to try a radio or the TV on at a low volume. I put ESPN on when I leave Macho in the crate (low risk of dog or other animal noises, plus I watch ESPN a lot, so it's familiar).

            I agree moving the CC is a pain. It doesn't fit through doors, so it has to be assembled/reassembled. Midwest says it is, "Easily Assembled." I call shenanigans.

            I am pro keeping the crate in the living room. If I wanted to put it in my bedroom, I would need to remove my bed. I would not put it in the kitchen, because the smells in the kitchen are always changing.
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              I have to agree that the placement really depends on each family & dog. There is no 1 perfect dog crate place. However, I have found that placing the crates in our bedroom or a separate room away from daily activity has worked best for us. Mine have also learned that crate time is rest time. So, they no longer require things to keep them busy when in it. I do let Ace take a toy to bed with him as he wakes up much earlier than the rest of us & will occupy himself with his toy for a while.
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