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    Anyone have any tips on teaching their dogs to "use their inside voice"? Gabby is a little bit barky, inside and outside. Anything can set her off but she will calm down MOST of the time when we correct her. I am ok with her alerting us to things but would rather get her using the "boof" or "roo" (The most technical of terms for such barks, I am sure). Right now I kind of... talk back to her... "Ahh, Ahh, Ahh roo roooo roooo... Use your inside voice, Gabby. rooo rooooo roooo" Think she knows what I'm doing? She probably thinks I am just as bat crazy as my neighbors probably do, out in the backyard rooing at my dog.. NUTTERS!
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    we have the same problem with emi! is gabby your merle? because once someone told me that merles are known for being more voicerous... i don't normally believe anyone anything says based on the colour of a coat but you never know haha.

    i will be following this form in case anyone has any tips other than what i have tried... Good luck and i sympathize!! haha
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      heh, I was just coming online to look for an answer to this question myself. Ezri is the same way.

      One thing I thought to try, was to acclimate her to more outside sounds and more doorbell / door knocks. Like have a friend over just for the purpose of ringing the hell out of the doorbell, and knocking on the door, coming in - she is quiet and sits, or goes back to her bed for a treat. Something to both get her used to that as well as giving her another task.

      Outside, I think I need some kids to help - like have them walk by the fence, laughing and squealing and stuff...maybe my neighbors kids would help - I watch their dog often enough, LOL.


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        I don't have any advice for the barking v rooing, but I just wanted to say I love your sig picture! They are so sweet.
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          I have no advice on the "loudness" of your barking issue, but I also wanted to chime in on your signature picture......I just love the faces those two are making! What a great shot!
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            Originally posted by brennahogg View Post
            we have the same problem with emi! is gabby your merle?
            No, gabby is the pied. Sadie, the merle, is kind of vocal too but just a look from me and she keeps it in the boof range. Gabby is still learning and likes to push the boundries some.

            Thank you, my Sig pic is probably one of my favorite pics of them.. it makes me laugh every time i see it.
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              I haven't personally tried it (so it may be a completely invalid idea), but have you tried teaching her to 'speak' and only rewarding on roo/boof sounds? Or rewarding her when she uses her inside voice to respond to stimuli like doorbells and outside sounds (though I'm not sure if that would train her to boof at every little thing she hears...)