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  • I NEED SLEEP, CRATING??!?!?!?!?!


    as i sit herer bug eyes on my dogs crate, i cant help thinking, its never going to end, WHEN WILL I SLEEP AGAIN?!?!?! he did good the first two ngihts, because we let him sleep with me until he got used to us. so now we are trying to get him into teh crate without him freasking out. every five seconds last ngiht he woke up crying and whining. it wasnt because he had to go potty wither, i took him out several times. any suggestions on what i should do? just wait it out? and to get him to stop crying should i tell him its okay, or tell him no, what should i do? thanks for any suggestions. tell then i think i will go and stick my head in the sink to wake myself up. my mom screamed when she saw me today, she siad i looked awful! ! !

    *Kash and His Very Sleepy Pet*

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    RE: I NEED SLEEP, CRATING??!?!?!?!?!

    If you just wait it out he will get use to it. Sometimes it take a little longer than we want it too (I remember crate training at first :-( it was very horrible for the nerves because of lack of sleep) But just stick in there. Most people will tell you to just ignore the dog when he whines but some do say "no" and that works for them. I think try both and see which one gives you better results with your dog. Good luck and hope you get some sleep


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      RE: I NEED SLEEP, CRATING??!?!?!?!?!

      "he did good the first two ngihts, because we let him sleep with me until he got used to us." Well, That was your first mistake!!!!!!;-) Now you could try Covering the crate with a blanket. Or you could just let him sleep with you every night!! Getting him used to being in there when you are not home would be easier on you. Never let him out when he is crying, Wait until he is quiet. Otherwise you are teaching him that if he makes alot of noise, He gets out, Also, He doesn't know the difference between NO, QUIET, And Good boy yet, So you will need to not give any response what so ever to him when he is crying in the crate. Don't even look at him! He is trying to get your attention, If you give him any no matter what kind, He has won the battle of the moment! Just make sure he is comfortable. something soft to lay on. A toy. Good Luck. Kim


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        RE: I NEED SLEEP, CRATING??!?!?!?!?!

        How 'bout sleeping in the crate with him? Yeah, you shouldn't have let him sleep with you. The first two nights with Maggie, she whimpered all night long, and I actually slept on the floor outside the crate. I could put my fingers through the gate and comfort her a little. After that, she moved to the big crate right next to my bed. Within another few nights, she was better. Then for a few weeks, any time I got out of bed during the night, she would start whining. Here we are, 6 weeks later, she goes right to her bed at night, no crying at all!
        Just hang in there, and he will get the picture. I find that scolding/yelling, etc., does NO good whatsoever. Just put him in there for short periods of time throughout the day with a special treat, then let him out when he's QUIET. You really have to stick it out with this. They absolutely cannot get their way by whining, and the sooner they learn it, the better off you'll be. And don't worry, this is great practice for someday when you have a real baby.
        My best boy, Trooper.


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          RE: I NEED SLEEP, CRATING??!?!?!?!?!

          I have to admit, my Gus slept with me the first night and still sleeps with me. He is now 6 mos old. I have never put him in a crate, even tho I have one. I work at home so he stays in my office with me during the day and when I go somewhere he stays out in the yard with my GSD. However, now he doesn't always stay in the bed with me. I have a doggie bed on the floor next to the bed, sometimes he will get down there and sleep, sometimes he goes and gets on the sofa. He does sleep all night tho, and has never messed anything up or torn anything up during the night.


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            RE: I NEED SLEEP, CRATING??!?!?!?!?!

            hi everyone,

            yeah i knew i was aksing for it when i let him sleep with me. but he was so shy, i wanted to try to form a strong bond with him, and get himused to people. it worked. when we got him he was cowering, now he runs up to people, and sits down so they can awe at him.

            well, we took him to the park today, and he is so pooped right now. so im taking this as a chance tht whenever he falls asleep i pick him up and put him in his crate with the door open. at first i did it, and he tried to get out, but i sat down in front, layed him down and he fell asleep. then later on i did it again, and he didnt try to get out, but he wasnt sure what to do, so i lyed him down. the third time, i put him in there he layed down and went to sleep. so im hoping that if i do this he will get better.

            this morning i wen tto do my chores at my neighbors before we left, and i had my dad watch him, but when i took the dog back, and i had to take a shower, i stuck him in the cage. he cried the entire time, up until the end after i got dressed, and i came downstairs, he had stopped crying, and i opened the door for im and praised him. hes int eh crate sleeping right now.

            i guess i have never had to deal with this, chance never really fussed over it.

            well night night, i hope to sleep tonight! ! !

            * Kash and His Sleepy Pet *


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              RE: I NEED SLEEP, CRATING??!?!?!?!?!


              Try giving him something that has your scent on it (something that is okay if he chews). Or, if you can, a blanket/toy from the breeder that has the litter scent on it. You could also try the old wind-up clock trick... I happened to be "camping" when we made the great puppy exchange :-) We put Ally's blanky in with her (provided by the breeder with the litter scent), and also put our travel alarm on top of the crate. I also ended up putting my fingers in the crate too. It seemed to reassure her I was close by.


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                RE: I NEED SLEEP, CRATING??!?!?!?!?!


                well, i dont know abou thte litter thing, but he has a blanket that has my scent all over it, and my families. and he has two chew toys in there, and two chew bones. and room to stretch.

                i could have done the thing with the litter, but it hink he would treasure his moms scent not his littermates.

                for some reason, he didnt seem to like his littermates. our breeder tried to tell me that he was to shy, and was going to be aggressively shy. that he didnt play liek the other pups, that he didnt go up to her when she called over the other pups. so she said i shouldnt buy him.

                but i absolutely wanted him so bad. i think he just didnt like his littermates. because now that he is home he is so sociable with everyone, he walks up to strangers and lets them pet him, he likes other dogs, and does weel with cats

                so, i think he didnt liek the littermates, hmm, all that said just for one little point ! !! sorry about that !! ! anyway thank you for the suggestions, tonight is our next test trial with kash.

                * Kash and His Sleepy Mommy *