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Reason for urinating in the house

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  • Reason for urinating in the house

    it is *HIGHLY* unlikey he pees as he is excited, that just isn't a doggie reaction. it is most likely submissive urination, which is an indication of a soft temperament & a confidence problem (you can probably overcome if you continue your training). it could be a physical problem, but then he'd have to pee at other times too & there would likely be some signs of a problem. but it isn't from excitement at seeing you exactly--although it is a kind of "nerves" that makes dogs do's their feeling overwhelmed as peeing is a submissive signal a dog offers to someone/in some situation they feel overwhelmed by. if you crate him while you're gone this will likely cease, as the real inciting reason is likely his anxiety at being left "in charge" of such a "big" (to him) house & the nervous relief that "finally" (even if only gone 1/2 hr) someone up to the task of "being in charge" is home to take over the watch. jpy