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NDR: Strange new behavior

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  • NDR: Strange new behavior

    Twice in the last 5-10 min my 6.5yr old Chi Tequila has gotten after my 4yr old daughter for running~

    This is really strange. He has never done anything like this to her before. It is pretty common for him to do it to our cat or Beaudie, but NEVER the kids.

    This is how it played out:
    Kiley was watching TV and Tequila was on the other side of the room sitting in the entry way to the dining room/kitchen. Kiley got up from her chair and ran throught the living room past Tequila on her way down the hall. He chased her and barked and growled at her.. I saw it out of the corner of my eye and wasnt 100% paying attention.. But I do know that she did not run to close to him or step on him.

    So, Kiley got what she needed from the other room, came back and sat back down in the living room. This time Tequila was in the reclyner a few feet from the kids. Kiley got up and ran towards the other room again and Tequila jumped of the reclyner and did the same thing again! WTH is going on?? What am I missing?

    I said his name sharply and he hussled back to the chair... Never encountered anything like this before? How do I handle it should it happen again? Its just so out of norm for him.
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    The first thing I always do when one of the dogs does something out of character is take their temperature! He just might not be feeling good today!