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  • Bigger Issue Evolving?

    Lately I've been noticing Kane's behavior changing a bit. Ever since I moved back home with my parents his behavior with other dogs has been AMAZING (He had the problem with my ex's English bulldog) but now I'm concerned its shifted towards certain people.. He's great with children adores them but when we go out on walks or he's in the car with me certain people will "trigger" him to begin growling and barking.. He's always been a shy dog not over anxious to meet new people. And its only certain people. Like 20 people will walk by but if one person that looks "shady" or "leery" walks by he stands completely still and just gives this deep growl..

    Example when we went camping this past weekend I was walking him at night (Not a good idea it got too dark way to fast and I don't usually walk him at night so that was my fault) A man ran out of his R.V completely unexpected and scared me and obviously Kane, he bolted and knocked me down (on accident, sometimes I forget how strong he is) I got the wind knocked out of me a bit but I was frantic looking around for him he came back to me almost immediately (thank god) the guy from the R.V came towards us seeing if I was OK and Kane just stared at him, stood in front of me/over me and growled like crazy even though I was telling him "No".

    And that is what he usually does, if he see's someone who "triggers" this behavior he'll step in front of me and between that person (usually its men) and just stare and growl until I end up dragging him away..

    Could it be he feels uneasy on a leash or could this be a bigger issue evolving?