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need suggestions for DOL Training guide

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    Originally posted by thisiscyndi View Post
    How about:
    Teaching not to jump up on people
    "OFF" for removing from furniture
    "Crate or Bed or Place"
    "Target or Touch"
    "Speak" and the corresponding "Shhhh"
    ^this would be amazing along with leash manners.


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      I second the drop it and leave it suggestions.

      Also the how to for raising kids and danes together.


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        Crate Training

        How about crate training? That's a good one.


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          Originally posted by MillyVanilly View Post
          I strongly feel like we should have a section on raising danes and children together safely.
          Some of the threads lately have been kind of shocking.
          Granted the successful raising of child and dane together is a culmination of all the training you have done, I think it would be helpful to have a section on appropriate manners for both dog and child in relation to each other. I would also include tips on how to make it a successful relationship.
          ie-Having child feed the puppy from a young age
          -having child be involved with training and grooming from young age
          -having child crate and un-crate puppy
          -establishing rules for child and dog and sticking to them
          I also have tons of videos of my 4 yr(now 5 yr old) caring for and training Milly.
          I would LOVE a section like this and think many members would benefit!


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            Originally posted by LMW View Post
            I would LOVE a section like this and think many members would benefit!
            There are some great blogs here on this.....

            first, I did a post just linking to videos Deb posted. Its a trainer (who happens to have a dane ) who did a series on dogs and kids.

            Then Ouesi has



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              Originally posted by ouesi View Post
              Do we have one for leash manners?

              -Loose leash walking
              -Pulling, pulling, pulling!
              -Training collars, Prong, halti, gentle leaders, etc
              -Leash reactivity
              -Leash chewing
              -Proper healing
              -On leash manners, meet & greets, etc
              -Leash safety, tie outs, shock collars etc
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