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need suggestions for DOL Training guide

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  • need suggestions for DOL Training guide

    to continue with the DOL Training guide that we started a while ago. So far we have:

    Puppy Training 101 - Housebreaking

    Puppy Training - Nipping/Bite Inhibition

    Lesson One: Teach your dog their name

    Lesson One-A: Changing a dog's name

    Lesson Two: Teach your dog to "SIT"

    Lesson Three - The "DOWN" Command

    Lesson Four - The "STAY" command

    Lesson Five - The "RECALL"

    Thinking of adding a "Trick" area to go along with the "Trick a Long" videos also.
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    Do we have one for leash manners?

    Oh, and for all the how to videos we have - would be cool if we could try to use actual member dogs - both for the demo and if members try the suggestions if they could document progress so others can see what it looks like with a green dog.
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      Is there one for inappropriate barking when traditional methods are not working?
      Barking in the car
      Barking out windows.
      Barking at the fence
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        I have been posting youtube videos, but if I get around to making some of my own, I will add them as well I know mine wont be as informative however


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          How about:
          Teaching not to jump up on people
          "OFF" for removing from furniture
          "Crate or Bed or Place"
          "Target or Touch"
          "Speak" and the corresponding "Shhhh"
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            A big problem I've noticed recently with rescue is separation anxiety. People just don't know how to deal with it so they give up the dog. Nothing makes a dog feel more secure with separation than never seeing its owner again!
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              I agree with danewillow regarding the separation training.

              I also struggled with Reich and puppy biting, requiring a ton of hours of research on the subject (we got him at 7 weeks even). With all the 6 week olds we are seeing recently, perhaps suggestions of teaching gentle (soft mouth), no bite, etc. would be very helpful.

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                I was thinking of something like how to establish a feeding ritual to help puppies relax and be polite around mealtimes so that they don't gorge their food.
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                  Managing exhuberance/zoomies.

                  Chewing furniture/destructive behavior.

                  Teaching the "Drop It" command.


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                    Loose leash walking and heeling.

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                      Raising your Dane and Child Successfully

                      I strongly feel like we should have a section on raising danes and children together safely.
                      Some of the threads lately have been kind of shocking.
                      Granted the successful raising of child and dane together is a culmination of all the training you have done, I think it would be helpful to have a section on appropriate manners for both dog and child in relation to each other. I would also include tips on how to make it a successful relationship.
                      ie-Having child feed the puppy from a young age
                      -having child be involved with training and grooming from young age
                      -having child crate and un-crate puppy
                      -establishing rules for child and dog and sticking to them
                      I also have tons of videos of my 4 yr(now 5 yr old) caring for and training Milly.
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                        Heel, or leash manners (no lunging/pulling/lagging)

                        how bout "NO KITTIES!" I still havn't gotten that one drilled in yet.

                        "Watch me" might be a good one too.
                        "Leave It"
                        "Shake or Paw" good for dremmel and nail cutting
                        "stand/stay" great for grooming
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                          I may have missed it but did anyone suggest teaching a "place" command?
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                            gentle: great for general purpose, and especially helpful for small children and other animals.

                            wait: lessons in patience. waiting for treats, outside, etc.
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                              Just thought of another one...

                              I used all three words b/c different trainers call it different things, but basically the idea that the dog is engaged with you.
                              If your dog isn't engaged with you, doesn't matter what treats you have, what toys, what rewards, training is going to be a frustrating experience for both dog and human.

                              There are many different ways to teach attention, might be good to get some different takes on it
                              Until one has loved an animal, part of one's soul remains unawakened.
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