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Lesson Three - The "DOWN" Command

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  • Lesson Three - The "DOWN" Command

    Third chapter in the DOL Training Guide: Teaching your dog the "DOWN" command.

    No debating which technique is better or worse, just simple step by step guides from members for members.

    Videos welcome.
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    I use luring/shaping for the down command.

    1. Puppy can be in a sit or standing position. Hold treat next to the dog's face and slowly lower it to the ground allowing the dog to nibble on the way down. Give the treat to the dog the instant his elbows are on the floor.

    2. If the dog does not lay down using the luring, you can shape the behavior by treating/clicking for increasing proximations of the behavior until the full behavior is reached.

    3. Start to phase out luring as quickly as possible. Slowly turn your luring hand into the hand signal you desire. I use a palm towards the grown in a down sweeping motion for my hand signal.

    4. After the dog is reliably downing for the hand signal you can add the verbal command and start to wean the hand signal out if desired.

    Do not move on to the next step until your dog is preforming the desired behavior at least 80% of the time at your current step.

    These videos were recorded one after another without any additional steps between. You want to phase out the lure as quickly as possible to ensure the dog does not become dependent.

    Luring BP into the down position

    Starting to decrease the lure

    Hand signal
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      Wonderfully beautiful! What you presented